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How do you manage homework with NT siblings?

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Nat1H Mon 22-Sep-08 11:17:35

I have been trying to do DS1 homework with him since he started school, but can only ever manage reading when DS2 has gone to bed.
DS1 has been sent home with some research to do, and I am finding it impossible!
I haven't got any books on the subject (Tudors), and don't honestly believe DS1 could research without my help anyway (he is in year 3).
DS2 is knackered by the time he gets home from school, and then his behaviour is appalling! I cannot spend any one-to-one time with DS1 until 7.30pm, and by then he is too tired to concentrate on anything like this?
What do the rest of you do?

MUM23ASD Mon 22-Sep-08 11:20:03

no advice...but really understand how you feel...i've note mastered juggling it all ....and as a result i hate homework more than the boys do!!!

Nat1H Mon 22-Sep-08 11:27:23

Yes - I hate it too (and i was a teacher!!)
Thing is, I used to love doing my homework when i was little (weird child), and I do want to try to make him see that homework is actually a good thing, not something to be detested all your life.

MUM23ASD Mon 22-Sep-08 11:30:25

what gets me is it's 4pm...pencils sharpened...'calm' learning environmnent planned and ready... then somwhere a few arguements sneak in....then before i know it its 5pm...then its tea time...then baths......and before you know it they are too tired and the homework is given up on.

sarah293 Mon 22-Sep-08 17:02:37

Message withdrawn

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Mon 22-Sep-08 18:23:22

I talked to the teachers last year about this with ds2. He goes to an after school club and I tell him to do as much as he can there. I also explained to the teachers that I can't always sit down with ds2 if ds1 is kicking off. They were quite sympathetic. DS2 can read very well so they said they weren't worried about him having to do that at home. I try to sometimes at bed time.

Otherwise I try to do it at the weekend when dh is around.

Nat1H Mon 22-Sep-08 20:22:43

I am worried about going to see his teacher as she expects everyone to fit in with her!
She has a boy with asperger's in her class and she is expecting him to do exactly the same work (and homework) as everyone else! His mum has been in and complained but she just won't budge. So a little excuse like an SN sibling will bear no weight at all! It's my DS I feel sorry for as he is the one who's life will be difficult.
I actually felt so bad about it today that I have done his homework for him blush
What a COMPLETE waste of time!!

allytjd Mon 22-Sep-08 21:25:24

We are usually Ok until DS1 has a project to do and then we are tipped over the edge into homework hell by the extra workload. Last year DS2's teacher let him off with only one sentence to write(he has AS) but he is not in the infants this year and his teacher is not cutting him any slack so far, a problem as i then have no time to do any work with him such as the "Toe by Toe" book that was helping his reading over the holidays. Just heard a program on radio4 advocating the abolition of homework, I agree, i don't remember doing much but looking at my old jotters (my lovely mum kept them) we did far more actual written work in class.
I will have three lots to supervise next year,shock DS3 already demands that I give him "homework" to do with his brothers, Arrrgh.

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