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Essex support groups?

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Clariebelle Fri 25-Feb-05 18:06:11

If there are any mums out there is Essex that get together or would like some contact please get in touch. I have one son J with PDD-NOS and ASD aged 10. He's lovely but a little sod!

lars Sat 26-Feb-05 13:19:36

I live in essex where about's are you?? larsxx

Clariebelle Sat 26-Feb-05 15:04:35

Hi lars, I live in Witham and know a few people with kids like mine but no-one of Jake's age (10). Just got J a Statement this week!!!!!! Yipee!!! only taken 3 years!!!Hoping for him to go to special school after Easter holidays. Havn't told him yet! What kids do you have. I have older boy aged 12 and two step-children 14 and 17.

lars Sat 26-Feb-05 21:01:53

Hi Clarebelle, live in Waltham Abbey Essex.
I thought 2 and half years was bad and still waiting for statement. My ds is 7 and dd is nearly 11 her last year at juniors . Ds has ODD- similar behaviours like ADHD. ODD is oppostional difiance disorder and a speech delay as well. Ds is like a younger child really (emotionally).
I am thinking does my ds need a special school or a school that would deal with him far better.
would like to hear of your expereinces of essex LEA/school. There appears to be little support groups in essex dealing with my ds problem and I think it's about time there was one. Maybe I will have to look into this at some stage. Larsxx

MaryP0p1 Sat 26-Feb-05 21:06:33

I don't have any children with special needs but do work children of all sorts. I also used to live in Witham (now Maldon). Are you in contact with Park in the Notleys?

Clariebelle Sun 27-Feb-05 11:48:33

Hi lars, sorry not closer! My experience with mainstream school is crap! From the types of problems you have with your kids it sounds to me like you need to look closer into special school. Am hoping to send Jake to MLD which is mild to moderate difficulties school. I have stated this is my parental right to choose and have told all parties concerned in the accumulation of info for his Statement that I will not deter from this.
ODD is what I thought my J had as everything fits with his behaviour although been told ASD and Pervasive Development Disorder, J was diagnosed being Verbally Dyspraxic when 2 1/2 years and I fought and fought through SALT minefield until he was 5 then thought hold on a min there's something else. I've been fighting the mainstream understanding, approach and ethos to "different" children ever since. My advice to you is go visit special schools, the head teachers have always welcomed me in and shown me around. Go see for yourself. Sometimes it is our fears and prejudices that stop us thinking this is the right place for our sons! I have now come to conclusion that nothing is forever, If J goes to this special school for next few years and then looks like he could return to mainstream then thats the better way round for me. I know that nothing can be worse than what he's been through since he was 4 and entered school. He's very suicidal and talks about wanting to die and has actually been found with a 7" knife held to his chest "looking for his heart" so he said!!! What has prompted me to act fast is that "over my dead body will J go to mainstream secondary school" and this was my worst fear. So I am happy that he will enter into special school now and have year 6-11 in an environment which is understanding of him and his needs. Definitely need support group in Essex although I have joined the S.A.F.E meeting which is held monthly in Great Tey. This is Supporting Asperger Families in Essex. It is a bit far for you though I suppose although we have members from all over. Perhaps we should set up something more central in Essex eh?!! Until I have my Willy Wonker Golden Ticket into this special school I am not hanging out the flags, I have been too disappointed in the past. Will keep you posted. Go look and see for yourself OK?!! xx

Clariebelle Sun 27-Feb-05 11:50:07

Hi Marypop1 Would like to hear more about Park in Notleys please as never heard of it. I work with pre-school children and am Nursery SENCO. Much better at sorting out other peoples children and problems!!!!!

MeerkatsUnite Sun 27-Feb-05 16:46:44


I'm in Essex as well and have had some dealings with Basildon LEA because we're in this particular LEA. They're the ones who issued my son's statement after much discussion and hiccups along the way.

I only know of one special needs support group for the county, details are as follows:-

SNAP are a support group for parents and carers of children with any special need or disability. SNAP's aims are to inform, encourage and support parents, allowing them to grow in strength and knowledge so that they are better equipped to give the best possible help for their children. For more information. For more online information select SNAP

Or contact at:
Keys Hall
CM13 3BP
01277 211300

Lars re the statement contact IPSEA. They will be able to help you further. Website address is Some of these LEA's count on people giving up so the LEA doesn't have to do a statement. I would recommend anyone who has ongoing problems regarding child's educational needs to contact them.

Clariebelle Sun 27-Feb-05 19:18:03

Hi meerkatsunite, thanks for details of support group. Your'e absolutely right "he he shouts loudest..." You just have to go on and on and on and on ..... Perhaps Baildon will be better than Braintree but I doubt. It's all rubbish eh? Am sitting in office while my son J has his 15 mins before lights out. He's got meditation music, glitter ball, blob machine lights and is chilling out ready for back to school tomorrow which I know he is already getting anxious about!

MaryP0p1 Tue 01-Mar-05 19:50:49

Tell me about the sorting out of other people problems being easier.

My friend was told about it from Moulsham Grange but its based in the Notleys ((in the Discovery Centres grounds - a portacabin there). There is also families in focus as a support group. Hope this helps.

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