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Is anyones child on a individual education plan ?

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laughalot Wed 17-Sep-08 13:46:00

My ds starts full time school in jan he is in nursery at the moment. When he first started it was pointed out to me that he may have some social skills problems I posted on here about it and got alot of good feedback at the time. When he moved up a group and he setteled down things seemed to get alot better he had his moments but teacher was full of praise and he had a lovely school report. He is now in his final group and the teacher said today that he tries really hard but struggles alot with his listening she said he is such a lovely little chap really tries hard but struggles. She said she wants to put him on a iep when he goes to main school does anyone have any experiance of this. I have been trying to tell myself for ages that he is ok and it will pass but things seem to be out of place with him and I am struggling to know what it is. I shall give you a few examples of him any advice I would be gratefull. My ds was 4 in july.

Very very independant thinks he can do everything by himself even if he cant.

Extremely bright at school especially with numeracy.

Struggles to listen when in a big group if he isnt interested in something he wont do it. He isnt keen on writing, colouring ect.

Switches hands when writing however I am left handed.

Gets so easily excited and this usually ends up with him acting daft.

Very often struggles to put instructions in the right order like he cant process it the right way round in his brain but is fine if someone shows him first.

Very livley and hyper.

Sleeps a well at night 7 till 7.

FioFio Wed 17-Sep-08 13:52:26

Message withdrawn

bramblebooks Wed 17-Sep-08 14:13:59

Hi, an iep is an individual plan to support and track your son's progress. It should include strategies to help him to listen as well as targets for development which staff will support him towards. Small, achievable steps are best.

It's not necessarily for life, many children do not need ieps after a period of support. It does mean that the support will be there.

Have the nursery referred your son to speech and language dept for an assessment? They may be able to recommend programmes for him to follow or give ideas on modifications to teaching which may help.

laughalot Wed 17-Sep-08 14:18:30

No they havent reffered him to a lanugage specialist. As I said he is very bright its the listening and socialising where he has his downfall. Thanks for your replies.

nuttyworkingmum Wed 17-Sep-08 14:26:16

An IEP has 3 or 4 specific tasks to do within a timescale. The tasks have to be measurable and realistic for the child. The Teacher will discuss with you and other professionals before writing one. An example of a task could be: To sit down at the table and correctly follow simple instructions on a particular game for a period of 5-10 minutes. Action ( twice a week ,to be timed and staffing with a member of staff 1:1.
How the child responds to the task is documented and the IEP is reviewed 3 times a year to see how the child is progressing.
The Individual Education plans are there to help children and focus on activites which will help tackle problem areas a child may have.

laughalot Wed 17-Sep-08 14:29:02

It sounds like it will help my ds. Thankyou

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