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Please help me I know my son is different, j't know what is wrongust don

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yesmynameisigglepiggle Tue 16-Sep-08 14:31:45

My lovely little boy (quite normal to be) has a lot of behaviour that is unique !!!

He is only 2. He speaks a few single words, can express what he wants etc. He is obsessed with keys and wires. He is obsessed with his bike. He HAS to take it everywhere. When I say he has to I mean he has a paddy if has a tantrum that lasts half and hour where I really can not do anything to ease his frustration/back arching/throwing self on floor type of thing.
He has to press the button on the microwave for me - if not another meltdown. He has to pass me the phone and put it back. He has to 'count' the steps every time we go down them.

A lot of this is normal behaviour for a toddler I know but he does stand out a lot!! He is young to say there is anything wrong, we have private health insurance which may help things but just scared to take that step in case doc says it is just his personality!!

Another thing is he won't have a speck of dirt on his hands or clothes. It is driving me med!! He won't I have 3 other children who are not like this and can't rememeber them being this way!!! HELP

MannyMoeAndJack Tue 16-Sep-08 14:36:14

Does your ds communicate in lots of other ways too, such as pointing, gesturing and general sharing? How does he behave around his peers and also his siblings - would you say he is sociable with them? Your ds may be just having his terrible twos!

Peachy Tue 16-Sep-08 14:37:17

Hi Iggle smile

Like youn say, a lot of this is normal for a toddler so please don't panic.

I take it you are worried about autism because of the repetitons / obsessions etc?

I'm nt going to lie- some of those things just possble could be an indcator but asd has so much mroe to it and kids do go through quite asd- like phases as toddlers.

I take it his speec development is on a par with his peers? If so then I think you would be looking at Aspergers Syndrome; have a look at the national autistic society and the triad of impairments.

but don't panic- probably he is fine: rare is the person without any asd tendencies a all!

Also parental insinct is good; if yopu think he needs to be seen ask for that, but at two there's no massive hurry, wait until yu are ready- it may pass by then.

mimsum Tue 16-Sep-08 20:54:33

you could have been describing my nephew at 2 - he was exactly like that and I have to say alarm bells were ringing in my head as both my boys are on the spectrum

however, he's now 5 and in the last year or so has really come on - his speech is fine and he's doing ok at school, he has a couple of friends and is even fine to go to their houses for tea, he still has obsessions and eccentricities (e.g. always having to take 'equipment' with him wherever he goes) but they are much less of a problem and don't stop him doing things or interacting with other kids any more

being honest, I still suspect he's a bit spectrummy, but not to an extent that will cause him problems and as peachy says most of us have got a bit of asd in us somewhere

incidentally, his older sister is one of the most emotionally intelligent children I've ever come across, so my nephew's behaviour was deeply worrying for his family

your ds is still very young - things will probably be much clearer in a couple of years

yesmynameisigglepiggle Wed 17-Sep-08 12:01:16

Have just realised how awful my typing was yesterday!!! Am on a much posher computer now!

Thanks very much for your replies. Bless him he is so lovely and cuddly and kissy. 2 of my children are extremely emotionally intelligent. Perhaps 2 of them are on the spectrum but normal. My older DS is normal but quiet and into numbers, statistics, I call it extreme maleness. Only happy when at school or busy, perfectly behaved but then at home a nd bored really challenging.

My little one is a super communicater in every other way. He just grunts. His understanding is better than I have known a child to be. He is very 'particular' but then so is DH and I guess I am too really. I will probably just see how he goes, he's still so young. Thank you

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