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Argghh! - cereal and sticklebricks.....

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Eulalia Thu 24-Feb-05 17:08:11

…and toast, and broken plates and pee….. what a mess...

Ds was banging the living room door earlier and I was in the kitchen trying to cook dinner. Then it went v quiet. Went in after about 5 mins to find that he’d knocked (with the door ) 2 packets of cereal with the door, contents of which were sprinkled all over the sofa and carpet. We have to keep stuff like that in the L/R because of vermin in the kitchen. Of course earlier ds and dd had been playing with sticklebricks so this was all liberally sprinkled in with the cereal.

I just walk out again in despair and go back 5 mins later to find him and dd eating the cornflakes and shreddies off the floor…. So I just leave them to it… bad mother…. Get round to hooverng it up and then start on the kids food… dd is hassling me, whining, going into the fridge etc and tips over a plate with ham and toast on it which lands on the floor butter side down of course. It’s a plastic plate so that’s OK but I get so annoyed (bad mother again) I pick it all up and throw it down again and it does break this time. Dd runs off upset and then wets herself ….(((cringe)))

Must go need to get more crispy bits out of the back of the sofa.

JaysMum Thu 24-Feb-05 19:25:30

Oh dear.....just count to ten slowly!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is another day. xxxxx

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