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what type of siezures are these?

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OhBurger Tue 16-Sep-08 00:36:40

Can any one help me out?

My DS2 is 2 years and 9 months old. He has been having "episodes" since december. (well that was when we really noticed it blush)

1. His arms go really tight and straight down his sides, his neck goes tight and he grimaces. He shivers all over, no twitches or jerks. Lasts less than 60 secs.

2. Witnessed once, both arms raised, face gimaced and neck muscles rigid. lasted seconds.

3. After wakening, muscle twitches in hands,arms, legs and feet. This afternoon it lasted for over an hour. He looked gahstly, really pale with dark circles under his eyes. was just getting raedy to go to A&E when all of a sudden he was fine.

We are seeing the pead for the first time on 24th of Sept. These are his most obvious symptoms. Things have progresivley got worse. First GP visit was in march. Only got a pead appointment a week ago angry

Anyway, my Questions is, What type of seizures, Is it unusual to have different types? The internet has terrified me. And last but not least, are my accounts descriptive enough?

Sorry for the pants spelling, blush

sarah293 Tue 16-Sep-08 08:52:36

Message withdrawn

r3dh3d Tue 16-Sep-08 09:06:33

Would agree that the first two sound tonic. The third one - not sure though we are getting something similar too. It's some subtype of simple partial I think.

Totally totally usual to have different types. DD1 has had most of the common ones except myoclonic jerks. It's important to note the types because they tend to be treated better by different meds, so the paed needs to know this.

Paed will almost certainly ask you to keep a diary and video some episodes. Might as well start now so they have something to go on. Diary needs to note time, duration, description, trigger if any (coming out of sleep is common btw, I have a light up digital clock with seconds on it in DD1's room for that reason). Meds and general state of health too - you may find you get more seizures if a cold is coming on for instance.

One hour simple partial is a long time if it is Epilepsy (there are apparently things that look like Epilepsy but aren't). Next time tbh I'd haul him into A&E - if nothing else they will probably defer to the duty paediatrician in the children's ward and you will get your paed appointment a bit earlier...

Try not to panic from what you see on t'internet, btw. Epilepsy is a real piece-of-string condition, very variable. And many many people are entirely controlled by meds once they get the dose right. There are also some sorts that you grow out of in childhood, even. Does he have any other conditions or is this out of the blue?

caitlinnjacksmummy Tue 16-Sep-08 09:56:09

Hey, I def agree, my DS1 has myoclonic epilepsy and it got progressively worse and my paed too ignored me for nearly a year, kpt telling me it was reflux!!!! And Put my little man on GAVISCON!!!!!

We noticed at a few wks old he was choking upon waking, followed by few mnths later shaking his head, then few mnths later rolling his eyes, I had bn referred to paed three or four times and was told evry time reflux.

I kept at him and eventually last December when Jack was 9 mnths old he referred him for an eeg, which showed abnormalities!! And we didn't get results for bout 8 bloody weeks , even though I kept phoning for them, nd there were abnormalities in his brain!! You really nd to push 4 answers,Jack ws then given an mri scan and he has brain damage affecting co ordintaion, sense f smell and memory, he has hypotonia(very low muscle tone) and hypermobility(very flexible muscles) and we recently found out tht it is all u to a genetic disorder, but he is making great progress with his physio, nearly sittig himself and can slowly commando crawl, and roll brilliantly(he is nw 18 mnths and a little treasure!!grin

His seizure are up nd down, ovr last couple weeks he started taking really bad ones again and hasn't done tht for few mths

He is having mild ones after a bath ths week
always has them after bath, but his meds have to be upped regularly as he is growing and putting on weight all the you get a good period, thn a bad, then good etc etc, very hard though. Hope u r ok and of course yr LO xxxx

OhBurger Tue 16-Sep-08 18:17:17

Thanks you guys, I will write more later. Trying to settle the tribe down for bed

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