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Newbie needs advice re: 6 year old son

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BlueTwo Sat 13-Sep-08 17:50:19

Hi - I posted this in parenting, and was advised to post it here, as it may ring a few bells with someone ...

The background is that I have a 6 year old son who has always been a bit on the sensitive side - dislikes loud noises, needs lots of reassurance in unfamiliar situations and has needed extra help at school with his "active listening skills" (he can't seem to sit still and concentrate!) Other than that I would say he is a happy chappy.

He started back at school last week in year 2, and seems to be enjoying it, ie: he is quite happy to go in etc, but in the past few days he has developed noticable 'tics', some verbal but mainly physical - gurning, slapping one arm to his body then the other, walking in a strange way, and he has developed a real "attitude". He doesn't know 'why' he is doing these physical things so I have tried to ignore it.

I keep telling myself it's just part of settling back down into school, and I plan to speak to the teacher early next week .... but does this sound vaguely familiar to anyone and does anyone have any advice. I am trying so hard not to be worried Many thanks, Blue

Marne Sat 13-Sep-08 18:21:07

Hi and welcome to MN, he sounds simalar to my dd1 (almost 5), she started scooh 2 weeks ago and has been showing more ticks and more attitude. My dd1 has very mild AS (aspergers syndrome) she seems to be doing well at school but does fidget and can be very sensitive.

How are his social skills?

Maybe give him a few weeks to settle back at school and if you are still worried get a referal from your gp.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 13-Sep-08 18:51:04


I would seek a referral to a developmental paediatrician from your GP because despite you telling yourself, "its just part of settling down" I think you still feel uneasy.

Does he dislike the feel of labels and or seams on clothes?. Any food issues?. You don't of course have to answer that but if he does dislike these things, this should be mentioned to the paed.

Tell this person everything you have mentioned here; write down every question you want to ask well ahead of time.

I would also ask what his social skills are like and would enquire about this with his teacher. It may be that he will continue to require more support with regards to his social skills over his school life - if this is indeed the case it is better to start the process of assessment and diagnosis now rather than in a year or two.

Early intervention is vitally important. Far better to get the process started now whilst he is in Infants than in Junior school.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.


BlueTwo Sat 13-Sep-08 19:39:07

Thanks for the replies - that is so strange about the labels in clothes - he can't stand them! Food doesn't seem to be an issue - and he seems to be fairly OK socially - he has two friends in particular. I think I will certainly do some more research (probably scare myself silly - google tends to do that to me!) and then visit the GP.
Thanks again - I am uneasy, you are right. Blue

mumslife Sat 13-Sep-08 20:43:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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