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Anyone's dc use Kaye walker and then tripod sticks?

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Hangingbellyofbabylon Thu 11-Sep-08 17:02:36

dd is 2.5 and reluctantly uses a Kaye walker - she can do it but finds it's quite bulky and it's hard to go to the places she wants to go. There has been talk of her moving onto tripod sticks but I know physio don't want to look at them for quite a while. I think dd is ready for them and they could be the extra boost she needs to get going. I'm thinking of buying them myself, they cost £100 and we don't really have the money (but hey who needs to eat and pay the bills?). I know I'm mad and should just wait but I'm getting the over-whelming desire to phone Quest88 and order them - she could have them by the start of next week. I'm mad aren't I? I just hate always having to ask(beg) for anything we need and to have to do it on their terms, I just want to do something for myself. I just wondered if anyone had experience of moving from a frame to sticks and if it was hard to make the transistion? I'm now going to sit on my hands to stop myself ordering before dh gets home and I can convince him that I need to order them blush

2shoes Thu 11-Sep-08 17:20:55

I know it is hard but I wouldn't do it without the phisio's say so.
they have their reasons for making you wait. they probally feel she needs to work with the walker for a while longer.

HairyMaclary Thu 11-Sep-08 17:37:36

My DS does! Or rather he uses both, he has spastic diplegia and is 3.5. He has had the kaye walker for ages, from about 2 which he has always loved and goes everywhere with us strapped onto the double pushchair with velcro straps! He was given sticks over a year ago but it has taken a long long time for him to get used to them. They took a long time for him to learn to balance and he is very slow on them as he really has to concentrate hence some of his reluctance to use them! He has made huge progress over the last 6 months and we are just introducing the rule of frame outside, so he can run around, and sticks inside, although I'm still not sure if that will work at nursery which is in a big church hall.
I thought DS1 would have no problems and so did the physio hence the reason he was given them so early, however they have really highlighted how bad his balance was and how much he was on his toes. WE have had one lot of botox and are due another next month and we are starting to get feet flat more frequently which is helping his balance and therefore his speed and confidence on his sticks.
This has turned into a bit of an essay and I'm trying to feed the DS's also so I hope it makes sense!

Romy7 Thu 11-Sep-08 19:39:22

sticks way too dangerous here - physio ummed and aaahed for ages, they do duit some but would have been the last straw in a busy house with 3 dcs and 2 dogs... walker much safer - we upgraded from kaye to croc, and she now manages indoors and on flat/ level unaided. we had to do a stint 'without' wheels too, to see if she would have the impetus to go for it herself...
really wouldn't recomment it without physio say so - sticks way too complicated for tots imho... balance = nil points in this house...

chatee Fri 12-Sep-08 09:37:57

agree with others about not doing it without the full support of your physio
dd tried the tripods (has used a k walker since very young)last year aged 7 and she just could not co-ordinate with them- it was like having an octopus with weapons!

PheasantPlucker Fri 12-Sep-08 16:14:13

dd1 had one stick (dd has no real use of her left hand) but it was a bit hard for her to orchestrate holding, balancing and moving. It's gone back now.

I wouldn't do it without the physio's backing to be honest, unless you have a physio whose judgement you don't trust I suppose. (dd1'a has always been really good)

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