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Dd1's first play date tommorrow

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Marne Thu 11-Sep-08 13:17:53

Do i need to tell the little boys mum that dd1 has AS?

Most the time dd comes across as being NT, other times she comes across as being AS. Do i just see how she gets on and keep my mouth shut?

Also do parents usualy stay with the child or should i leeve her there and run?

She's 4,7 BTW

Its only up the road (5 doors away) and the mum seem's lovely.

magsi Thu 11-Sep-08 13:26:16

Personally, I would mention that she does have AS. I think its good to be upfront about these things and not hide them. Why should you? I would also stay for a cuppa at least. I'm sure his mother wouldn't mind, as its your daughters 'first one'. It might be nice to explain to his mother also a little about AS. I know I would like to know what I might expect. My son has CP, and although obvious, there are behavioural issues there aswell because of the CP and I always try to explain this, where appropriate.

Hope she has a great time smile

Twims Thu 11-Sep-08 13:29:45

I would probably mention any triggers, or anything she has specific problems with.

Marne Thu 11-Sep-08 13:41:50

Thanks, if i go with her i will have dd2 with me who has ASD, im worried as their house is huge and looks very posh, i will have to explain that dd2 may climb onto her coffee table or touch things she should'nt.

Sorry for all this fuss, this is the first time we have been invited to someones house other than my next door neighbour who know about the dd's AS/ASD.

Dd1 comes across as nt apart from having to win evrything, the little boy is very simalar to dd1 which is why they get on well. I also don't want the mum to think i am using her AS as an exscuss for her behaviour if she does miss behave.

TotalChaos Thu 11-Sep-08 13:42:55

I wouldn't mention it - I suppose I don't feel it's fair to disclose a child's DX - instead would mention that DD may have anxiety problems or whatever you would describe it as, and the stuff what Twims said. Seeing as it's the first one, I would stay and settle her in.

magso Thu 11-Sep-08 15:04:51

Hm difficult - especially if you cannot comfortably stay! Its not sitting in the garden / meeting in the park weather either! Perhaps instead of telling the mum DD has AS (which could then be passed on to others) you could mention the most significant results of her AS which may need adult awareness (like needing to win/ getting anxious in a new place) at the same time as handing over yout tel no and discussing the usuall things like what drink she prefers.

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