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OT Report

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MetalMummy Thu 11-Sep-08 00:05:06

We got the OT report for DS2 today and there are a couple of things on it that I don't understand. It says that he has an intention tremor and that he has hyper extensive DIPS. He also did the Beery VMI test and it says that he scored less than the first percentile. Is that good or bad? Does anyone know what these mean? The rest of the report I could understand but not this.
When sending a report to a parent why can't they write in plain English hmm

LeonieD Thu 11-Sep-08 08:38:09

Message withdrawn

daisy5678 Thu 11-Sep-08 18:07:12

I think VMI is visual motor integration. J's isn't great.

1st centile means that, out of 100, 99 children would score higher i.e. bottom 1%.

While not very 'good' 1st centile is better in many ways than 2nd centile (what my son is on!) because 1st centile usually triggers a lot of help at school and within the OT department. They'd probably think about offering weekly therapy for that, whereas anything above 1st is not given as much - here, anyway.

Hope that makes sense; I would ring the OT if you're concerned - J's SALT and OT both went through the report with me on the phone when I rang them - I got most of if but had questions too like what I could do to help.

daisy5678 Thu 11-Sep-08 18:08:29

Sory, meant to also explain what visual motor integration is! It's something to do with the hand not being able to copy what the eye sees very easily.

MetalMummy Thu 11-Sep-08 20:24:52

Thanks for replying, I have spoken to the senco assistant who works with DS at school. She says that she will now be doing SALT and OT with him everyday, when I asked about the VMI she said said that being less than 1st percentile wasn't very good at all.
She also said that he has been falling over a lot in the last few days and asked if either paed or OT have said anything about special shoes for him. I'm not sure if I should contact the OT and tell her what the senco assistant has said.

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