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School don't want DS2 in training pants (for now). So what do I do at home?

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sphil Wed 10-Sep-08 12:52:23

Some of you will remember my summer toilet training thread
We got to the stage where DS2 was following a schedule of going to the loo every 30 minutes (when indoors), wearing either training pants or nothing. He can pull his own pants down and up pretty well, will sit willingly, but we'd had absolutely no success in actually getting him to do a wee once there, and LOTS of accidents.

School had said that they were prepared to follow what we were doing, so I duly packed up a bag of 5 pairs of training pants, 5 pairs of trousers + pull ups if they ran out or if they were going out of school. After the first day (Monday) they told me that they didn't think they could continue with the pants as DS2 had wet himself (well yes hmm) and it had leaked everywhere (I also told them this was a distinct possibility if he did a big wee).

I'm not moaning about them in fact - he's just settling into a new class with a lovely teacher who wants him to take part as much as possible, and I can see that constant wet pants get in the way of this. So he's back in pull ups but they're still taking him every 30 mins. They've said they'll try the training pants again later on this term or when 'he's got the idea more'.

What should I do at home now do you think? Continue with training pants /bare bottom at weekends? Will that be confusing for him? Or put him back in pull-ups? He isn't aware he's wet at all in pull ups, whereas he is immediately in the pants (not that this awareness makes him behave any differently atm!).
Don't know what to do!!

FioFio Wed 10-Sep-08 12:56:31

Message withdrawn

cyberseraphim Wed 10-Sep-08 13:03:29

Sort of similar here - DS1 is 100% wet trained but still usually poos in his pants. I get the feeling at times that the nursery (SN placement) are a bit fed up with him and would like him back in pull ups for the 2 hours he is there - but I still want to have consistency in what we do at home as it is frustrating to be 'almost there' but not quite. What Fio says makes sense though will they continue to take him frequently?

cyberseraphim Wed 10-Sep-08 13:08:53

Just read your message properly - sorry no need to ask, It does make sense but I would question why they agreed in the first place if they then gave up so quickly.

SixSpotBurnet Wed 10-Sep-08 13:43:25

We are grappling with similar issues at the moment, sphil. DS3 has been using the potty for wees with a fair degree of success all summer, so I really don't want to send him to nursery in pull-ups this term.

However, after Monday (dry all morning), he wet himself twice yesterday (different LSA, no idea if he was actually taken to potty on time) and once this morning (when he was taken to potty but didn't perform!).

DH and I have just been talking about this and we are going to ask them to persist with the pants until he does at least one wee in the potty - he is supposed to be staying for the afternoon soon so I don't mind if they put him in a pull-up in the afternoon provided he has managed at least one wee in the potty first.

Sphil, I think you should continue with training pants/bare bottom at weekends, wahtever you end up doing at nursery. We are certainly going to do that with DS3 as I am desperate to avoid him undoing the progress he has made to date.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Wed 10-Sep-08 14:20:08

One other potential solution is erm erm erm- can;t remember their name. Weenie pants - they look like pants but you put a disposable pad in them - the child will feel the wetness, but they're far more absorbant than 'normal' training pants.

Let me look for a link.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Wed 10-Sep-08 14:22:12

Scroll down to eenie undies They take the biodegradable nappy pads.

Not a cheap system (but you don't need to change the eenie undies each time- - they're cotton on the outside with a waterproof inner)

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Wed 10-Sep-08 14:24:34

ooh buy one get one free while stocks last.

They're the only training pants I came across that provided nappy absorbancy.

sphil Wed 10-Sep-08 14:39:46

Thanks everyone - looks like a lot of us are in the same boat! Fio - that's exactly the argument school is using - and I can see what they mean - though DS2 doesn't give two hoots what other kids think!

Cyber - I thought that myself too - made me think 'what on earth did they EXPECT was going to happen?'

Those pants look good JJ (though I've just spent £24 shock on the ERIC training pants!) Do you think they would be completely leak proof? I may be being very dense here, but how come you don't need to change them if the child can feel he's wet?

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Wed 10-Sep-08 14:41:02

Because you put the disposable pad in them. So you just change the pad.

They're leak proof for wee ime.

FioFio Wed 10-Sep-08 14:43:29

Message withdrawn

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Wed 10-Sep-08 14:45:50

It's all stupidly expensive isn;t it. I object to paying for blinking pyjama pants all the time.

sphil Wed 10-Sep-08 21:34:32

I'm really being so dim here - is the pad on top of the pants then (like a sanitary towel?) I thought it would be between the cotton layer and the waterproof layer of the pants - which is why I couldn't see how the pants don't get wet.

Fio, yes, DS2 is only 5 so the whole social thing is easier. He wouldn't know if someone was teasing him - but I don't think the children in his class would. He is just SO different from them and their attitude to him is altered because of that I think. Older kids might say something to DS1 about it though - and HE would really mind.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Wed 10-Sep-08 21:54:40

Yep- on top.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Wed 10-Sep-08 21:55:16

The waterproof bit is inside, the cotton outside btw- so that's why they look like normal pants.

sphil Wed 10-Sep-08 22:12:17

Thanks blush. Off to order now.

magso Wed 10-Sep-08 22:38:21

Ooh thanks JJ been looking for something along thes lines! Are they any good overnight (and comfy)?(Excuse hijack Sphil))

magso Wed 10-Sep-08 22:59:48

Actually have ordered as look very similar to the ERIC overnight pants that cost a lot more + p+p. Fingers crossed!

sphil Thu 11-Sep-08 12:22:53

Oh poo - they've only got medium (fits a 12 yr old). Woman on phone very helpful though - directed me to - Australian company - will try to find out if there are any other UK stockists.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Thu 11-Sep-08 12:50:28

sphil I may have some I had set aside for ebay before the ban on selling training pants. <untidy house no idea where anything is emoticon> You can have them if I do. I'll try and look.

magso- ds1 never objected to wearing them although they look about as comfortable as wearing a huge sanitary type towel in big granny pants can be

Nat1H Thu 11-Sep-08 20:28:49

Could you put underpants on AND pull-ups! He would then feel when he was wet, but wouldn't make a mess in school.

sphil Fri 12-Sep-08 09:18:49

Oh thanks Jimjams - that would be great smile. The underpants idea is a good one too Nat1H - might ry that this weekend.

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