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Someone please tell me there could be a vaild reason behind the exchange I heard today. [sad]

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VictorianSqualor Mon 08-Sep-08 21:01:24

Basically I went into boots to use their toilet and feed the baby (would normally sit outside on a bench somewhere but the fair was on so now room)

Whilst in their a lady comes in with her two sons, approximately 10ish in age.

She says to one of them 'You're shitting ain't you'angry
He says 'No'
Her 'Yes, you fucking are (still angry)
She pushed him into the toilet, and I could hear them still arguing, him claiming he wasn't 'shitting' her saying he was.
Then she said 'See, look I told you you were fucking shitting'
Him 'Don't put it in my face, get it out of my face, don't put it in my face, it's horrible' sad
They then came out of the toilet and she pushed him towards the bin where he put a nappy in it and was pretty much dragged out of the room.

I so wanted to put my arms round him and give him a hug, but obviously didn't want to stick my nose in incase there was something I missed.

binkythebullet Mon 08-Sep-08 21:23:45

Oh god I don't think I can cope with reading stuff on the SN board tonight. I must have PMT or something as it's reducing me to tears....

Poor you VS for having to witness that.

vicsta Mon 08-Sep-08 21:47:59

God. Feel sick. Poor you. Poor Boy.shockangrysad

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