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face blindness link with ASD on tv tonight

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stressa Mon 08-Sep-08 10:44:25

Hello, I've just joined - am a long term lurker sorry! - v grateful to mumsnet, it has helped me through some difficult times.

I have 2 boys both ASD. We should be on BBC1 South East news tonight (Monday 8th) 6.30pm (- its also available sky or online for a short time if you are not in the SE.)

We are trying to raise awareness of prosopagnosia (degrees of face blindness with consequent difficulty reading expressions/emotions) and its link to ASD - screening and treatment is available in the UK. Please watch the program if you can.

Thankyou! Tessa Protheroe

anonandlikeit Mon 08-Sep-08 10:55:13

Thanks Tessa

Will try to watch (in e/anglia) if i can pick it up.
DS2 has terrible trouble with facial recognition, he doesn't recognise anyone, particularly if they are out of context & struggles to pick anyone out of a photo, even himself. Is this the same thing?

stressa Mon 08-Sep-08 11:06:06

Yes its the same thing and can be helped!

I suspect you are out of the area but if you google "BBC 1 South East news" should be able to watch online afterwards - I think they change it the next day though.

I had similar problems to your son.

Did a live interview last Wed on radio 5 live midday news (12.48 after travel info) that may still be available on play again.

Screening and treatment of this is easy in the UK - NB I'm not suggesting there is a "miracle cure" for everybody but I have been very fortunate. Please watch the programme and spread the word if you can. Thanks!

magso Mon 08-Sep-08 11:09:18

Thanks - Is this the same problem as recognising people by their faces/ facial features ( as opposed to their voices, way they walk, clothes and hair style etc)?

magso Mon 08-Sep-08 11:15:20

Sorry cross posted and left out the NOT in not recognising. So is there treatment besides teaching yourself to memorise details?

stressa Mon 08-Sep-08 11:30:34

There is treatment - screening and treatment is available in the uk (on the NHS for my boys).
It also impacts on dyslexia in some cases (my youngest can now read without letters moving around.

I'm not going to mention other details as don't want to get into trouble for advertising services but please watch the program.

anonandlikeit Mon 08-Sep-08 11:38:21

Stressa, my ds2 5 has also just been tested for dyslexia but he was too young/doesn't have the understanding to answer the questions.
He also has v poor visual perception with regards to depth, distance & speed etc.

It makes sense that they should all be related.

He has ASD & Mild CP, not sure if that complicates things at all.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Mon 08-Sep-08 12:18:34

oh is it coloured lenses?

DS1 doesn't have any problems recognising people (he seems stupidly good tbh) but he loved wearing red lenses and used to have a lot of depth perception problems.

staryeyed Mon 08-Sep-08 12:34:06

My Ds has ASD and both me and my mum have face recognition problems. Never really thought about the connection before.

busybeingmum Mon 08-Sep-08 13:47:21

Message withdrawn

amber32002 Mon 08-Sep-08 14:08:33

Great - as this is something that affects me. Will definitely try to get back home to have a look

anonandlikeit Mon 08-Sep-08 14:41:34

ds2 was assessed for Irles (?) syndrome, i think its a form of dyslexia,?? they tried coloured overlays to stop the patterns jumping about but he just answered yes to all of the questions so we have to wait a year & try again but it will mean he has either coloured overlays for lenses maybe

stressa Mon 08-Sep-08 16:41:22

This involved coloured specs but is NOT the same as Irlens coloured specs or overlays. Hopefully they'll make that clear on tv.

Sorry if I'm seeming all mysterious - can't go into too much detail without naming someone and then would be advertising on forum.

stressa Mon 08-Sep-08 20:17:49

Hello - have just phoned the BBC to find out why it wasn't on - it had to be bumped tonight as they didn't have room with other news and sport that happened recently. Its provisionally booked for tomorrow 6.30pm, they can never guarantee things will be shown on a given date but promise it will be shown sometime. If you need to check with them tomorrow, the program planners are on 01892 675580.

Please keep watching out for this piece as we think it is very important. The recording includes Ian Jordan ( explaining how parents could assess their children for some visual problems.

Sorry if you've had your time wasted tonight. I am very frustrated (going out to buy wine and chocolate...)

Please keep watching!

TotalChaos Mon 08-Sep-08 20:21:30

your link doesn't work!

have found this bbc website item, which has link to Ian Jordan at bottom of page

TotalChaos Mon 08-Sep-08 20:22:36

link on bbc page to ian jordan's visual dyslexia site doesn't work either. curious.

stressa Mon 08-Sep-08 21:14:18

Sorry about the link! If you enter Jordans eyes into google the first thing coming up is his practice's site and that works fine (have just checked). As far as I know the visual dyslexia site was an old site.

stressa Wed 10-Sep-08 15:45:32

Hello - there was a short bit on the lunchtime news (can watch again online) and they have promised longer piece tonight (6.30pm BBC 1 South East). Please watch!

stressa Fri 12-Sep-08 07:51:46

Hello, sorry to keep banging on about this! The tv piece had a lot cut out of it and there's a much better report re screening in our local paper today.

Please google -
tessa protheroe kent messenger maidstone
and click on "read full story"
(don't know how to do links, sorry!)


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