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PDD-NOS Anyone There!

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Clariebelle Tue 22-Feb-05 12:37:05

We live in Essex and would love to hear from anyone who has boy around 7-12 with PDD-NOS. I feel that we are caught between the stereotypical Aspergers and ADHD with this diagnosis of PDD-NOS. He fits into both camps but not completely, not all the time. Have just had Statement agreed after massive fighting for it and would love to swop info and tears!

MrsFROSTgetful Tue 22-Feb-05 21:42:42


I have 3 boys-

11 with Aspergers and ADHD

8 with ASperrgers

and 5 with nothing diagnosed....but reminds me of ds1 at age likely he has 'at least' ADHD

i live in shame not closer!

To be honest.....ds1 is 'less asperger's' than ds2....and ds2 would be 'the perfect child' if he didn't have to share/interact with anyone.

all my boys are classed as 'able' and handwriting is their worst achademic none are statemented.(YET!!!!)

ds1 takes concerta (ritalin etc) for his ADHD ,,,,and ds1 and 2 take melatonin for sleeping

Did you request the statement or was it the school?

they all love things like playstation,gameboy,pokemon,digimon and ds1 is a real computer-wizz!

ds2 has temper tantrums....and i have to restrain him from hurting himself or his brothers....but 'annoyingly/thankfully??' he does none of this at school.....though i wish he would- as i believe he needs statementing....and school say he manages fine...but he 'lets it all out' at home....and i cannot get him statemented at home!!!!!

welcome to our ASD club!!! there are a few of us who post late hopefully my posting will bring your query to the 'night crew'!!!

Blossomhill Tue 22-Feb-05 21:48:09

Hi there

Just thought I'd show you pdd assess It's an online pdd test. Lots of people on here have found it really useful

Clariebelle Thu 24-Feb-05 18:27:15

Thanks for PDD assess. Came out moderate but of course vague and not really specific to inv.

Clariebelle Fri 25-Feb-05 18:03:27

Hi MrsFrostgetful, nice to hear from you.You must certainly be expert with all those boys on the ASD spectrum? I find it difficult with only 1 to deal with. I have come across this problem with children being "fine" at school and little buggers at home and it is not a reason for not statementing. I think you should (may be you have!) push for a Specialist Teacher to look at your son in more detail and see whether his difficulties are really being addressed in school. It seems that something is being missed otherwise he would not go off bang like a firework at home. All that keeping calm and behaving himself at school may show that the environment he is in is not providing him with something that is natural to him individually.
The failing system which we fight all the time just needs constant nagging which I am sure you have done haven't you. I got Jake's statement finally in the post today and after fighting for nearly 3 years feel he deserves it! I pushed his school into putting him forward in the summer of last year and they refused. I went to a meeting and said I disagreed with them vehemently! They then put in Specialist Teacher from ASD/Autism unit and she was great in looking at the subtle problems. I did in this period have to move J from his school to another school as J wasn't being acknowledged as having a difficulty just as being a "pain in the neck" (teachers words not mine!). You do have a right to request a statement yourself it does not have to come from school. Have you tried this approach. Do you have a good relationship with staff that you can ask them to look at the overall picture rather than just at school. If he has a diagnosis then they must be a remarkable school to be addressing his needs with no problems!! this is not my experience nor that of others I know. Will stop now as I get carried away - sorry! I get so angry about the injustice our children have to suffer all the time, just to get an education that is right for them. Hope to hear back - prob telling me you've done all that!! sorry.

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