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DD's draft statment...

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Arabica Mon 08-Sep-08 00:09:50

I'm not sure what to think. She's been assessed as needing loads of support and the statement talks about her having 'severe' delays. sad
You can tell they've read the ed psych's report and the SALT report because they've cut and pasted chunks. But they've missed the OT out, failed to request a report from her physio and said her gross and fine motor skills are age-appropriate, which they are not...
They also included a list of both state and independent special schools, all over the country. How could I find out which of these schools might be best for her when she is 5? Portage are a big help, but only know about our local area. We would be prepared to consider a move if there was a wonderful school somewhere.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 08-Sep-08 08:17:59

Do you yourself feel the Statement is vague and poorly worded?. It does not sound like a well written statement to me.

Is there anything concrete in terms of hours per week support along with properly worded provision for her needs (i.e no vague and woolly stuff). They also need to be properly informed about her fine and gross motor skills.

OT is rarely mentioned although it should be. This needs to be in Part 2. You may have to fight long and hard to get that in Part 2.

My advice is to speak to IPSEA and read parts 2 and 3 to them verbatim. They are very good when it comes to Statements and they can give you go0d advice.

Arabica Mon 08-Sep-08 17:28:13

Thanks AtheM. Yes, I do feel the statement has been too hastily assembled and vaguely worded, but portage are going to advise and then I'll contact IPSEA independently to see what they think. DD's only 2 and only does 6hrs a week at nursery, so we don't perhaps need as much detail as someone who is in f-t school.

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