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Wonderful Morning tea..

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eidsvold Tue 22-Feb-05 06:30:31

Went to a Down Syndrome Association Queensland (DSAQ) morning tea - wonderful time chatting with mum's of other people with down syndrome. Wonderful couple ( both who have down syndrome) share their lives with us - what they do, work they do, and how they met, and their upcoming wedding. It was sooo interesting.

Second part of the morning involved chatting to medical students about different things. They are assigned to community groups as part of their medical training..... they were wanting to know what we wished medical staff knew and for us to share our experience.

It was a fab. time. The young couple just charmed everyone talking about their wedding etc. When the young lady talked about taking up swimming to lose some weight so she would fit in her dress... it struck me - just like every other bride I have ever known.....

Davros Tue 22-Feb-05 10:23:57

Lovely post Eidsvold.

anniebear Tue 22-Feb-05 14:30:33

arrrrrh, thats lovely, sounds like you had a really great day

Keane Tue 22-Feb-05 14:49:40


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