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So how has your day been

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Tclanger Sat 06-Sep-08 17:29:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

daisy5678 Sat 06-Sep-08 17:37:44

Oh wow! Poor you. Eat the Galaxy and the diet can start next week. Diets should be banned when ill (or celebrating, or...)

I was up all night too, as J has decided to celebrate the end of a week at school by getting a sickness and diahoerrea (however you spell it) bug. Bless him, he was so brave (but so so disgustingly vomity). After having spent the whole weeek back at work waiting for Friday to arrive so I could have a proper night's sleep and no alarm to be woken by, I was sympathetic but sad.

Now v tired.

Tclanger Sat 06-Sep-08 17:49:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

daisy5678 Sat 06-Sep-08 19:52:37

Oh no, I'll keep the vomit - I probably wouldn't have smelled the burning and givemesleeporgivemechocolate would be no more now!

Have you had any chocolate? grin

TotalChaos Sat 06-Sep-08 19:53:25

oh god how worrying TClang. And yuck to the d & V.

we merely had school shoes buying trauma. lots of shrieking and refusing to take wellies off to try on school shoes. Until I said DS could have a Diego book if he cooperated hmm.

daisy5678 Sat 06-Sep-08 20:08:29

Go Diego go is going round my head for some reason. Is it a song? Or am I hallucinating from tiredness?

TotalChaos Sat 06-Sep-08 20:10:16

I think that's how the theme tune from the programme starts!

daisy5678 Sat 06-Sep-08 20:21:39

At least I'm not losing the plot then! Is he Dora's cousin or something? J was absolutely obsessed with Dora for a while and I seem to remember that Diego had something to do with her, though have tried to block out all Dora memories now that the obsession is over grin

BriocheDoree Sat 06-Sep-08 21:02:13

Had a mad morning as we had to go to the shopping centre to pick up gym shoes for school and everyone else was in the shopping centre picking up stuff for school. Thank heaven we don't have to cope with uniforms!!
LOVELY afternoon - took the kids to the pool. DD completely relaxes in the water and floats round and round the deep end grinning like a loony at her Dad. DS goes completely mad, windmilling his little feet screaming "bath, bath" (he's only 14 mos, bless him) and smiling ecstatically at all the teenage girls who come to coo over him. Afterwards it was such a nice sunny evening, stopped at the bakery to get patisserie, then had a beer in the cafe before going home to eat out on the balcony. Ah bliss.
Local kids farm has an Autumn Fair tomorrow so we're going to see the animals, play on the tractors and have a picnic.
BTW not trying to rub it in as I've not had an easy week! Finally felt myself starting to unwind by about 4 o'clock this afternoon.
Sorry to hear about WW, TC. Actually, I've got a couple of stone to lose and I keep telling myself that I'll get round to it when things settle down...but of course they never do! Go on, have a bit of Galaxy anyway, you know you want to and it will make you feel better. Hope DS gets the message (altho' I know it takes longer than that!
Givemesleep, hope J gets better soon!!

Tclanger Sat 06-Sep-08 21:25:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tclanger Sat 06-Sep-08 21:26:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Widemouthfrog Sat 06-Sep-08 21:51:14

I thought I was having a bad day, but I'm not ill and we've had no arson attempts so I shouldn't be complaining

We braved the haircut today. After 30 minutes of physically restraining a violent and hysterical 5 year old we are all exhausted. haven't got to do it for another 8 weeks or so though. Hurray. I'm not sure we can do this much longer as he is getting so strong. he doesn't do long hair as he says that makes him a girl.

Galaxy on special - I could do with some of that.

ouryve Sat 06-Sep-08 23:42:22


And when DS1 went through a huge fascination with the oven and started turning in on and playing with the door as soon as my back was turned for a second, I told him that if he opened it when it was hot, he would burn himself and the skin would fall off his arm (since pain is simply not a convincing argument to him) and googled some pictures of bad burns to show him. I think, sometimes, it's the only way to get the message across.

The worst we've had this week was some bad leaky poo just as dinner was ready. I'm about ready to burn our sofas.

Tclanger Sun 07-Sep-08 08:56:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sphil Sun 07-Sep-08 09:13:22

Tclanger - slightly off topic but I'm supposed to be jumping around to Davina too. It's part of my new school year fitness and losing a stone plan! Shall we urge each other on? Mon, Wed and Fri are my Davina days, with Tues and Thurs my walk to and from school days. Am USELESS at sticking to it, largely because, as you describe, life gets in the way. But really must - am now the same weight as I was immediately after giving birth blush.

Tclanger Sun 07-Sep-08 10:23:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TotalChaos Sun 07-Sep-08 10:25:16

sphil - I'm over 3 stone heavier than when I was 9 months PG blush

BriocheDoree Sun 07-Sep-08 14:38:44

I keep putting off DD's haircut...hasn't been done for about 4 months!!
Never have to worry about cutting nails as both fingers and toes are bitten down to the quick angry

siblingrivalry Sun 07-Sep-08 15:36:28

Ah,yes,the dreaded finger/toe nail cutting - I have to brave that tonight.
DD goes back to school tomorrow. She's been watching the preparations (organising PE kits/ironing ;etc) and it has resulted in her running in circles,flapping and talking to herself. A tad anxious, I think!

improvingslowly Sun 07-Sep-08 17:26:29

Sorry about bad week. no advice re that, but re weight loss try a couple of hypnotherapy sessions to get yourself off to a good start (about £40/£50 hour but worth it)

Tclanger thanks for stuff re sound learning.

Tclanger Sun 07-Sep-08 17:27:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

allytjd Sun 07-Sep-08 17:50:40

I have put a bit of weight on too, gradually crept on, something to do with turning 40. Had bought new running gear and then found out I have a prolapse and shouldn't be doing too much running jumping or lifting of heavy four year olds! good excuse for putting feet up though. Wasn't me having a bad week this week (unless you count suspension on car going leading to sscary steering problem) but i invited two friends for lunch and one couldn't come as her daughter was in A&E with broken wrist and the other had to bring her DS with her as he was off school with tonsillitis, on the good side that meant ther was yummy Brie left over which is what I like to binge on, don't have a sweet tooth! Brie definitely goes better with wine than Galaxy Tiny Clanger don't you think.
hope everybody has a good week.

siblingrivalry Sun 07-Sep-08 18:00:14

Thanks for your good wishes Tclanger smile

I also have to admit to a huge weight gain -I weigh 4 stone more than I did 3 years agoblush. Am going to have to tackle it.

Tclanger Sun 07-Sep-08 18:10:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kt14 Sun 07-Sep-08 20:04:05

Blimey, what a day! And thank goodness you don't have the stinking cold going round so were able to smell the burning!!

Have a square of Galaxy for me though, am also going to start the Davina/Wii fit lose a stone diet this week too, nothing in my wardrobe fits and I am not going to fall into the trap of buying a bigger size to be comfortable.. maybe we should have a little support group on here for that!

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