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direct payments. I know NOTHING. Should I?

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Cappuccino Tue 02-Sep-08 09:54:38

dd1 is 7, has CP, gets DLA and mobility

I'm looking at employing a girl to help her at her drama class as she has 1:1 in school and does need someone to help her, and then I thought, is this the kind of thing direct payments do?

is it?

if I went ahead and employed this girl and then started the direct payments route would I be able to continue with her or would they want to recommend people?

anyone know anything about the process?

Mitchell81 Tue 02-Sep-08 14:54:16

Just going through the process now, had the assessment and were given 6 hours a week(don't know if that is good or bad????) You could use them for that and you can find someone yourself or they will help you advertise. Worth applying.

CaptainPlump Tue 02-Sep-08 16:26:00

I'm sure you get to choose who you employ. Isn't the whole point to give you some control over the situation?

I've just applied, and DS was assessed last week, and now we're waiting for the panel meeting to decide. My SW told me that the funding's tight and that they'll probably want to find other solutions, but I really want to continue employing the girl who was his ABA therapist to continue spending time with him. Direct payments seem to be the best option for that.

I'd go for it! Just call your social worker (or the duty social worker at the local Child Development Centre) and tell them that you want refer yourself. Good luck!

vjg13 Tue 02-Sep-08 17:56:51

Yes, you do get to choose who you employ and they have to have their CRB check complete before you start paying them.

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