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Bowel disorder

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Saacsmum Sat 19-Feb-05 21:12:58

My ds was born with a hole in his bowel and has been a very sick little man. Recently (he is 5mths) he has started to soil less and less somtimes going more than 24 hours without soiling. He has been decreasing soils slowly for a few weeks, he used to have bad diarrhoea as his bowel had trouble coping. All of a sudden he has gone from gradually decreasing soils to this. Should I be worried he seems ok in himself-do you think his bowel is just maturing? I have a paed appointment on Monday (it is Sunday in Nz) but just needed some reassurance in the meantime. Thanx from a stressed mummy.

MrsFROSTgetful Sat 19-Feb-05 21:55:22

know nothing about this...but just wanted you to know that i have read your post and wish i could help!

I hope someone can advise you .... otherwise just accept this <<<<<[hug]>>>>>

clementine Sat 19-Feb-05 21:59:35

Is there no emergency gp or hosp number you could call to put your mind at rest at least.

Saacsmum Sat 19-Feb-05 22:16:39

Tried calling hospital paed that he is under but as I have appointment tomorrow they just say if he is ok in himself then just wait until assessment in morning. Havent found the medical world entirely trustworthy at times i:e being told he is fine then three days later him having emergency surgery! Therefore I dont feel too reassured by the phone call, I think he is probably ok but am worried none the less.

Saacsmum Sun 20-Feb-05 00:41:37


bobbybob Sun 20-Feb-05 01:54:08

I'm sorry I don't know, but just to say it's only another few hours until it is Monday, so lets hope he continues to feel happy. It's a lovely day - go and do something nice and take your mind off it a little bit.

Davros Sun 20-Feb-05 11:59:36

I really don't know but thank god you've got an appt tomorrow. Do you keep a record of his "movements"? What have they told you to expect in terms of changes, has or can the hole be repaired? What could improve the gut condition in the meantime? Do you get regular visits or appts between seeing Paediatrician? I'd have thought that would be essential with such a young baby with a serious condition. There must be some protocol for you to follow in case of problems or emergency. Sorry not much help, do keep us posted.

Saacsmum Mon 21-Feb-05 07:31:22

Thanks for your replies, it was nice to have some support even if you weren't sure if what we were facing was ok or not. Have spent most of today at hospital, in the morning we had clinic at Paed Outpatients. The concern was intersuseption where the bowel twists in on itself but he didnt have any of the other symptoms and when dr felt his tummy he thought it was ok though still abnormal distention (swelling) of tummy which is nothing new for Isaac. We need to 'keep an eye on things' and if he goes down hill in any other way go back to CAA (childrens acute assessment) Further surgery on his abdomin is still a 'possibility' Aarggh! I hate it when they are vague! The second part of the day was spent upstairs in ENT trying to get Isaac asleep so he could have his ABR test for his ears. It took two hours to get him to sleep and then he woke up after the first ear was tested. The ear that was tested was fine YAY but will need reassessment for the other ear. Anyway all in all a positive day for us so thanx again for the support.

Davros Mon 21-Feb-05 15:20:25

Pleased to hear it went OK. Can't they do an x-ray on his bowel? DS had an x-ray just to see if he had constipation so it must show up something worth seeing! Good luck with the other ear.

lucysmum Mon 21-Feb-05 15:29:36

my dd2 had an intersuseption when she was 6 months old. She was vomiting bile (bright green) and had blood in her nappies (jelly like - apparently a classic symptom) , as well as being very lethargic - so it was very clear something was wrong. So do keep an eye on things as suggested but it doesn't sound like likely, as the doctors have said.

Saacsmum Mon 21-Feb-05 23:34:51

Yes we have been down the green bile vommiting path before he had surgery on his bowel and he has had bloody mucusy soils for months without them being too concerned, they think it is related to allergies and lactase deficiency rather than intersuseption, it is scary feeling like I might miss something as so many of the 'danger' symptoms are just him usually - fussy feeding, blood in nappies etc. It is just so hard to know sometimes but he wasnt lethargic or out of sorts and they said that with intersuseption that he would seem very unwell - did you find this lucys mum

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