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deeeja Sat 30-Aug-08 21:30:11

I put pictures of my ds's and me, not for long am scaredy cat and will probably take them off soon.
If anyone really wants to see them, can have a look! In the mood for sharing.

bullet123 Sat 30-Aug-08 21:43:14

Your children are gorgeous :D.

Tclanger Sat 30-Aug-08 21:44:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Christie Sat 30-Aug-08 22:04:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BroccoliSpears Sat 30-Aug-08 22:05:37

Aww lovely. I like the group shot.

2shoes Sat 30-Aug-08 23:16:50

your children are beautiful(and so are you)

Arabica Sun 31-Aug-08 00:25:52


amber32002 Sun 31-Aug-08 08:07:39

Wonderful!! smile

PheasantPlucker Sun 31-Aug-08 08:29:14

Gorgeous! x

magso Mon 01-Sep-08 13:03:40

ooh lovely - they look so chearful!

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