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Any helpful resources

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wildfish Thu 28-Aug-08 14:15:32

Hi All,

I apologise for the brief info, and poor terminology.

DS (4-5) has some signs of autism - I have been told. But these signs are variable and in context to me. I have been told they may be borderline, or perhaps developmental delay.

He doesn't like change. But the distress seems to be linked to his mood.

He doesn't really like interacting in large groups. (class/nursery)

He still walks on toes (often)

He is capable of blanking out.

Eye contact is mostly no (except when he wants)

Some people feel he doesn't connect (but I know where he wants he connects easily)

in other contexts he is fine, especially with people he wants to be with especially when he is happy.

I think its linked to stress he feels, either stress causes it, or he can't deal with stress. Stress meaning something troubling him, or new situations (sometimes).

So anyway he is going to be seen by a psychologist within the edu system.

However I was wondering if there are any resources that can help with symptoms and with action plans to overcome these meanwhile.

I know its a bit of a blank request, but my searches just seem to show the same info presented in a 100 different ways with no depth.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 28-Aug-08 14:34:15


Re your comment:-
"DS (4-5) has some signs of autism - I have been told"

Who told you this?. Has he been seen by the medical profession?.

Have you approached your GP to seek a referral to a developmental paediatrician?. If not, I would do this asap and tell this person your concerns. This person can medically diagnose (unlike the Ed Pysch who can only make recommendations re his educational needs).

How is he doing at school, have they expressed concern?. Is he on any plan to receive any additional help currently?. (I would say that short of a Statement he won't receive much help either in terms of 1 to 1 or hours per week).

You may also want to look at the website for the National Autistic Society as that has lots of information on it.


jimjamshaslefttheyurt Thu 28-Aug-08 15:20:44

I've written a bit on my blog here about First Signs - which can be useful. As is Forepath (link on there).

If you\re looking for things to do have a look at the 'therapies' section. A number of different types discusses on there. Floortime is kind of easy to get going alone if you have a child with basic attentional skills (which given your son's age and your description I assume you do).

Marne Thu 28-Aug-08 15:35:12

Hi, i have 2 dd's one with Aspergers (high fuctioning autism) and a one with Autism, they are both going through asessments, dd1 (4.6) has been in the system for 18 months and we still dont have a dx but have been told she shows signs of Aspergers. Dd2(2.7) has been in the system for 4 months and evrything seems to be moveing faster than dd1 as dd2 shows alot more traits of Autism and is non-verbal. It all seems to take a very long time to get a dx, we expected to have dd1 a statement for when she starts school (next week) but we are still 2 appointments away from this. We are lucky that she will be going to a very small school and will be getting 1 on 1 help if needed.

Please look at the National Autistic Society, i found them very helpful.

Good luck.

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