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A diagnosis at last !!!!!!

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dustystar Wed 27-Aug-08 17:45:54

Well its taken a while but we finally got ds dx today. He has AS, ADHD and anxiety. I knew all this but its still made me feel quite emotionalsad I think mostly what i feel is relief though. I wasn't sure that the panel would agree that he met enough of the criteria as he has learnt so much in the last three years and is quite adept at hiding when he doesn't really understand. I'm just so pleased that I'm not going to have to fight to get the AS recognised as well as his more obvious ADHDsmile

coppertop Wed 27-Aug-08 19:14:46

I'm glad you finally got some answers, Dusty. Even when you're expecting the dx it's still a bit of a rollercoaster isn't it. xxx

dustystar Wed 27-Aug-08 19:26:13

Thanks CT. Do you know of any good books that are designed to help young children (he's 8) understand about AS or ADHD?

I've had a look online but there are just so many of them that i have no idea what to order.

bubblagirl Wed 27-Aug-08 19:35:22

im glad you finally have an answer and hope you can get all the right help now

it is sad even when you already know i cried when my ds 3.3 was diagnosed 3 mths ago but it does help you understand them more

not sure of books but someone did recommend on eon here not so long ago so hopefully they will see and let you know

hope your both ok xx

daisy5678 Wed 27-Aug-08 19:39:10

'Zak has ADHD' was OK for the ADHD. haven't even gone there with explaining the autism as I feel it's too hard for most adults to understand, let alone my 7 year old!

Glad you've got your answers now and hope it leads to the right support/ Take care of yourself because it can feel so raw initially xx

coppertop Wed 27-Aug-08 20:52:25

With ds1 (then 7yrs) we looked at the Kenneth Hall book together and I picked out the bits that were similar to him. Ds1 had started calling himself stupid because he'd noticed that he couldn't always do things that the other children in his class could, eg handwriting, sports etc. He felt better when he read bits of the book with me because he realised that he wasn't the only child out there who found noises too loud, liked to be squashed etc.

deeeja Wed 27-Aug-08 23:52:47

Glad you have some answers now dustystar.
My 5 year old has as/adhd too, and also possibly anxiety. I wonder about that though, because I think maybe the anxiety is linked to the as. I find that most people find aspergers a bit too hard to understand, and everyone has heard of adhd.

I have only really told my sister in rl, we haven't told dhs family, they are only just about coping with my 3 year old's autism. I have no idea what to tell my 5 year old ds, but will have to soon, he knows something is up with all the appointments and his 'friend' the psyhc who likes to ask lots of questions. He definately knows he is different from other children at his school.
Hugs to you dusty, and I hope things get easier for your ds in terms of help at school etc.

amber32002 Thu 28-Aug-08 07:55:44

It's a relief in a way, but a shock in lots of others. Be kind to yourself for a while...expect to feel numb/sad/angry at life. I know I did when son was given his diagnosis. is a list of National Autistic Society books that they'd recommend for talking to children about ASDs. I'd also try to get "Freaks, Geeks and Asperger syndrome" for you to read, as it's a brilliant and funny book by a teenager that says a lot about what his life was like when he was younger, too. NAS may do it, or look for Jessica Kingsley publishers as they do tons of books on autism and other disabilities.

dustystar Thu 28-Aug-08 16:51:53

Thanks for all the repliessmile

I've got Freaks, geeks and as somewhere - I read it when I first realised ds was on the autistic spectrum. I've also read the Kenneth Hall book but I think they may both be a bit grown up for ds. I'll have to read them again and see if there are any parts that would suit him.

deeja thats what i think too. The paed says that as a rule if a child is receiving medication for something then they give a dx for it- so as ds is having atomoxetine and fluoxetine he gets a dx of ADHD and anxiety as well as AS. He may be able to stop the fluoxetine soon and then he'd lose the anxiety part of his dx.

tyghj Fri 29-Aug-08 23:39:17

Hi, I just wondered if anyone can help, my 16month old daughter is going through tests at the moment, pointing in the direction of a movement disorder/brain condition, she has a development delay and is unable to sit unaided, i am trying to get her a new car seat as she has grown out of her rear facing but halfords etc will not sell me one as she doesn't sit up, but where do I get one from?? I have spoke with her OT but still I'm not sure...i've heard that they can cost anything from £800 is that right?

TotalChaos Sat 30-Aug-08 11:02:20

tyghj - hi I don't know the answer but have taken the liberty of starting a nrew thread for you on this board so more people will see your question.

TotalChaos Sat 30-Aug-08 11:04:04

hope the dx makes your life a little easier, even if you are expecting it, it's still a lot to take in.

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