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they gave a apenea monitor today

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trace2 Wed 27-Aug-08 17:01:37

dont know where to be glad or nothmm she as episodes where she stops breathing which is not very nice and very scarry, but i know they also cause stress with false alarms.

sarah293 Wed 27-Aug-08 20:10:25

Message withdrawn

trace2 Wed 27-Aug-08 20:46:11

yes that what worries me is it going to cause more stress?

trace2 Wed 27-Aug-08 20:47:32

yes that what worries me is it going to cause more stress?

sarah293 Wed 27-Aug-08 20:53:58

Message withdrawn

anonandlikeit Thu 28-Aug-08 21:55:26

We had apnea monitor & the only false alarms were when I forgot to switch it off before lifting ds2 out of his cot!
It was fantastic & made us sleep much better.

eidsvold Fri 29-Aug-08 03:12:06

omg - we had one that the most it could be set for was something like 20 seconds ( it was a long time ago and my brain was sleep deprived and fuzzy) It was not the most high tech thing BUT dd1 had a habit of breathing every 22 seconds and so it would always go off. In fact we are terrible - we got so blase about it - cause it was always going off that I would just clap to startle her back to breathing again. [terrible mother emoticon]

I still remember the first night we had dd1 home and we all settled down to sleep when the blasted thing went off - dh was out and around the best faster than a speeding bullet. I had barely gotten my eyes open and he was beside the moses basket checking dd1 out.

She had one whislt we were waiting for cardiac surgery - so a few weeks. But ours was also very sensitive and just not putting the little sensor thing in the right place would set it off for ages.

It was reassuring in one way though. We kinda felt better about having it. In fact when dd1 came home from hopsital post cardiac surgery - no ng tube and no apnoea monitor I don't think dh or I slept a wink that first night.

DD1's was this sensor that was taped to her chest/stomach and was attached to a receiver thingy.

Have put a pic of dd1 as a baby and you can see her apnoea monitor in her car seat.

eidsvold Fri 29-Aug-08 03:17:39

I tried not to stress when it went off - not easy in the first few days of having it but as I said we got so blase about it. Ours was more for precaution - not sure how totally necessary it was.

I think to view it as a necessary evil and that it is best for your little one and go from there. Try not to get too stressed when it goes off - just do what you would normally do.

Hope that helps.

trace2 Fri 29-Aug-08 16:23:22

eidsvold firstly your children are gorgeousgrin and thank you so much, dd as a senser i put in her nappy area on her tummy and i just conect when she sleeps.

its not gone of yet as a false alarm or stopping breathinggrin thank god ive not sleept since dd was born 14 1/2 m ago dh finished work so we can sort it out between us! but now i can sleep alittle when dh as her as i feel better, i do trust him, just so scared he didnt notice she was not breathingsad

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