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MrsFROSTgetful Thu 17-Feb-05 23:52:06

Spent ages explaining "Sod's Law" to my AS sons....then today amid total misery (3 boys all wanting turns on the same bl**dy computer....all unable to share...all timing the others...but reluctant to come off when their 'time' ends....Grrrrrr!)

So i decide to give up on trying to manage this half term totally unaided....and persuaded ds2 and 3 to go to the local sports centre playschem (which they love)...and particularily reminded ds2 how he would now be able to join in with the swimming as he can almost swim with a float...last time he refused to try to even get in the pool)

Soooooooo....paid the £32 for both to attend tomoroww from 9-5.30 ( cheap !!!!! yipee!) - they even get 2 cooked meals- and 2 snacks/drinks

Then I asked for a schedule of the days events- to prepare ds2....and she said that SWIMMING was CANCELLED due to 'routine maintenance'!!!!!


Took me nearly an hour to get ds2 to accept 'Gymnastics' (which he LOVES!) an alternative1

JaysMum Fri 18-Feb-05 00:32:28

Hope they have a good time....and that you enjoy the peace and quite for a few hours.....doesn't the nouse go spookily quiet when all the kids disappear.....I miss mine after about 20 mins!!!!
Hubby took my guys out this afternoon so I could get some P & Q for an hour.....spent 5 mins on sofa....bored...jumped in the car and went and joined them all.....much more fun than doing nothing!!!!

Must be bonkers!!!!!

MrsFROSTgetful Fri 18-Feb-05 01:35:03

DS1 will enjoy the computer all to himself....and i will try to relax (as well as tidy up!!!!!)

off to bed now...nighty night Jaysmum!

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