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YEHHHH - we got funding...

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eidsvold Mon 25-Aug-08 04:03:56

dd1 is in the throes of toilet training - at home she is not going so well but at school she has been dry for weeks - bowel is another issue all together.

There is a great product - trainer pant - lovely cotton lycra with a padded area through the middle - designed to catch dribbles. I would love to buy a whole heap for dd1 ready for when I make the brave step to put her in undies. They are 16 dollars each. Okay if you only need a few pairs - I am thinking about getting 10 or so. Soon adds up.

We had funding from the state government - they subsidise your needs - so we were able to get the huggies pull ups and they lasted for a while - we leave a pack at school, pack at sn school and whatever we get through at home - so we do go through a lot.

I recently was told about federal government funding - where you are allocated an amount of money and can spend it on whatever continence aides you need. Well we only sent the form off last week and today I got the folder of products ready for me to order. I have an allowance of $480 dollars to spend between now and next Jun!!!

She does not need the expensive bed pads as we got those in our other order.

So dd1 - can have cool pink and some navy blue for school undies that feel fab rather than terrible cheapy towelling ones that I was going to buy her.

YEH - I was like a kid in a lolly shop - BUT i have to wait until she gets home to see what size I need to order.

I can also order laundry products for cleaning them - as well as wipes anything in this catalogue and the first 480 is covered. I get four free deliveries a year - anything after that I have to pay for.

I am so excited.

I can't believe it was so quick. The other one took months.

eidsvold Mon 25-Aug-08 04:04:31

these are them come in a lovely pink and a navy as well. They do the more boy leg ones too.

eidsvold Mon 25-Aug-08 04:34:47

these are them come in a lovely pink and a navy as well. They do the more boy leg ones too.

eandh Mon 25-Aug-08 06:10:49

Congrats on the funding - that was quick turnaround wasn't it!

Good luck for dd1 as well smile bet she'll love those

moondog Mon 25-Aug-08 06:31:33

That's brilliant.
Makes life soooooo much easier eh? smile
(Weare awaiting feedback on correspondents thread from you re trip when you have amo.)

2loudboys Mon 25-Aug-08 08:24:55

Oh Eids those are brilliant, well done you!!! Are they Australian? 'Cos if they are I think I'm going to ask my parents (coming to the UK from Australia to visit in the Autumn) to bring 2 or 3 pairs of the boxers for my 8yo ds1 (GDD, mostly dry and clean during the day but not entirely reliable at night), to wear to bed so that we can get out of the night-time pull-ups cycle (expensive and kind of self-defeating).

eidsvold Mon 25-Aug-08 09:04:36

2loud boys they feel great - I have seen a pair and they feel lovely - cotton/lycra.

eidsvold Mon 25-Aug-08 09:05:23

I think they are australian. They may deliver overseas or you may be able to find a UK supplier.

eidsvold Mon 25-Aug-08 12:20:37

If you go to the conni website - you can order from overseas.

eidsvold Mon 25-Aug-08 12:21:39

ohh I placed my first order. Got some undies, some of the sports ones, handwash.

Got a couple of sizes as they do not send samples for you to sort the sizing. I figure order one of each and then see how it fits.

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