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Can anyone tell me about dyspraxia and ski-ing?

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needanothername Sun 24-Aug-08 12:54:35

My ds2 (age 6 but big for his age) has mild dyspraxia. He has had a course of OT and they felt he responded well so are going to give him some more. He doesn't enjoy sport because he feels useless at it but he loves horseriding.
Has anyone any experience of such a child and ski-ing. We are hoping to book a trip for next winter - a much longed-for trip - but I don't know if he is going to absolutely hate it - ie should I make it one of my priorities to go somewhere where there are plenty of other options for him? He is the youngest of three so I don't have creche/babysitting requirements otherwise.

LIZS Sun 24-Aug-08 12:59:53

ds is a great skier, not in the instinctive physical sense but is methodical, considered and concentrates hard. It is one of the few sports he feels truly happy and confident in. He did however have lengthy regular lessons to begin with which got him over the initial frustrating stage quicker than can be achieved in a single holiday.

DrGeorge Sun 24-Aug-08 13:53:30

My eldest son is mildly dyspraxic and we were keen to get him into sport to see if this would help - he loves skiing, started at about age 7, but to be honest slightly earlier might have been better. He took to it almost as quickly as other kids, and whilst he doesn't always look totally stylish he can quite easily hold his own and is just starting racing. Give it a go and see what he thinks - I would agree with the idea of lessons (for all, not just for children with dyspraxia). Even if he doesn't take to it I am sure he will enjoy the magical snowy experience.

needanothername Sun 24-Aug-08 19:46:20

Thank you both for this great advice. I would have got him lessons beforehand anyway but just wondered if the whole plan was doomed before starting. You have given me hope. grin

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