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Almost completely OT....

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deeeja Thu 21-Aug-08 22:12:06

But, being completely dis-organised this summer(pah!) holiday, I have not bought any uniform blush. My 5 year old has uniform that still fits him, will probably buy polo-shirts and shoes. But my 3 year old starts his new special school, and has no uniform. Do you think they would mind a 3 year old not wearing uniform for the first couple of days? I don't know how I can get him to wear it anyway!
I can hardly believe it, only 2 weeks to go!
Everyone I know in rl, has bought uniform already! Am I really the most dis-organised parent? Quite possibly am, actually..

Nat1H Thu 21-Aug-08 22:14:21

I haven't bought any either! My DS is waiting for new splints as well, so can't buy any shoes until next weekend - 3 days before he starts school - hope I can find some that fit, it usually takes about 2 weeks to find shoes!

mummypig Fri 22-Aug-08 00:22:19

deeeja I haven't bought any new uniform (or shoes) this holiday either. I'm hoping to order it all from Adams online and do a special outing for the shoes.

And as far as I'm concerned I would only consider you disorganised if you were posting about this the day before school started

MetalMummy Fri 22-Aug-08 00:29:18

I haven't bought any for my 3 yet either. Luckily DD says she wants to wear summer dresses when she goes back and her cardigans still fit so I can hold off on trousers and polo shirts for a few weeks for her. The boys have jumpers that fit, but both need trousers, polo shirts and coats. Getting shoes for all 3 tomorrow, and DS2 needs a PE kit.

daisy5678 Fri 22-Aug-08 19:44:22

I think it's less about whether the schoolminds than about whether the child minds standing out OR the other kids will feel that the child stands out and file it away in their mnind as 'X stands out because they don't wear the uniform.'

Seuss Fri 22-Aug-08 19:55:47

ds1s special school are really good if parents can't get the child to wear uniform, very understanding and will help if needed. The general consensus there is it's better that the child is in school without uniform than at home. Tell them that you were worried about doing too much too soon and decided to get him used to school before buying the uniform(sorry, feeling devious) I haven't got anything this hols, I've decided to shut my eyes and hope last terms stuff still fits. I wouldn't worry about your ds not being in uniform - my kids will probably be wearing their wellies!

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