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Anyone in or near Truro - advice needed!

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flyingmum Wed 20-Aug-08 14:17:33

We are just off tomorrow for three days in Truro. Husband has a recital in the Cathedral and we are staying with a friend of his (single man) who has very very kindly invited the circus which is our family to stay. I am having mild attacks of the heebies and jeebies at the thought of DS1 (13 and quirky) and DS2 (nearly 8 and bouncy) being themselves in this chaps house so will need to get out lots and keep them occupied. I will need to do a bit on my own with them as hubby will need to practice and then do his thang.

This is compounded by the fact I'm not feeling 100% at the mo and have only just finsihed the washing from the main holiday. Part of me wants to say Oh bugger it we'll not go but the kids are really looking forward to it.

The weather sounds like it is going to be OKish but not sunny hot beachy type. So any recommendations from people in the know of good places to go/child friendly places with reasonable food to eat out, etc would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone is about at 1.00 on Friday - hubby is the one making loud noises in the cathedral and I'm the stressed woman at the back with a tall ginger one and a blonde moppet.

Seuss Wed 20-Aug-08 17:13:50

Sorry don't know Truro well (hazy childhood memories...) but hope you have a good time and it isn't too stressful!

flyingmum Wed 20-Aug-08 18:02:50

Thanks Seuss

Have semi packed and have baked cake for chap who is putting up with us so feel a bit less stressed now for some reason.

Am just off to raid wine rack for 'gifts' so that we can all survive in a drunken sozzle if necessary (except for DH who has to get the notes right grin). Have also decided with son 1 (the quirky one) that it might be a good idea to do all the boring school stuff (new shoes, pens, pencil cases) in Truro on Friday morning when Dad is practising so it saves us having to do it next week. Hopefully this might work. Have also read riot act to DS1 about appearing properly dressed before breakfast (thus negating, hopefully, the embarrasment of wayward willies) and eating OVER the plate (thus negating the piles of detrius that he manages to accumulate under his chair). You never know - it might sink in . . .

Husband has just told me that there is a pirate museum locally so will go and research that. Ahoy there me hearties . . .

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