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First SALT appt - what to expect /ask

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flirtygerty Tue 19-Aug-08 08:19:58

my 25m old amkes about 6 animal noises & thats it, so ahve this appt today. AFAIK, hearing & comprehension are fine. just abit nervous about what will happen today. any words of advice/expereince gratefully recieved!

Seuss Tue 19-Aug-08 08:58:06

Ours used to be quite relaxed when ds was 2, she used to play games with him to get eye contact . I used to get stressed when he wouldn't do what she wanted but in hindsight this was a bit pointless as the therapist didn't seem to find it a problem! Try and relax, I'm sure the therapist will explain everything!

Seuss Tue 19-Aug-08 08:58:36

And good luck!smile

TotalChaos Tue 19-Aug-08 09:22:07

copied and pasted from other thread.

chat to you about your DD's general development since birth, SALT to have a bit of a play with her to look at how she communicates, SALT to check out how much she understands (put the DOLL in the BAG, put the BEAR in the BOX), and how she plays/pretend plays, e.g. would try to feed a toy doll with a toy spoon, that sort of thing. from your DD's point of view, a good SALT will make it all seem like play, so it should be fun for her.

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