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Toilet Training - 'not liking' pooing on toilet

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Glitterknickaz Mon 18-Aug-08 21:22:56

Anyone got any experience of this?

Ds1 4.7years who has a dx of Aspergers has mastered weeing on the toilet and now doesn't have a single accident. I'm very, very proud of him.

However he consistently poos in his pants. We're using pants rather than pull ups as he was getting confused in pull ups and pants send a clear signal that he can't wee in them iygwim. Every day anyway he poos himself. He doesn't have a set time of day that he does it unfortunately, it's completely random. I've asked him why he doesn't do his poo on the toilet (he knows he's supposed to do it there) and he says he doesn't like it.

I've tried rewards of stickers and jelly babies (very effective with the wee training) but nothing is working. I've praised him and got really excited for him on the two or three times he's happened to poo on the toilet.

Anyone else had this? How was it resolved?

Aefondkiss Mon 18-Aug-08 22:12:09

I will watch tis thread with interest!

my ds can pee reliably but poo is a different story, I think we have got to the stage where he is not afraid to poo, but not sure what to do to help him, one success would be good, we had a huge poo on the floor the other day, when he was trying to get a pull up on to do a poo - I think he was a bit surprised, but we didn't get stressed, and all poo goes down the loo, but my ds is predictable in that he never poos more than twice a week atm, we know when it is coming, usually in the evening and only at home.

TotalChaos Mon 18-Aug-08 23:05:19

DS was like this for a good few months Thank god for laminate flooring is all I can say. The problem resolved almost overnight for no apparent reason.

sphil Mon 18-Aug-08 23:22:34

Could it be the splash he dislikes? Try putting paper down first so it doesn't make a noise? Having said that DS1 was like this for ages (and he's nominally NT)- still doesn't like doing it at 7.

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