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Obot? Oxygen tank thing for CP + Other SN?

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Davros Tue 15-Feb-05 21:42:06

A mum at horse riding was talking about this the other day. She can't find any info about this therapy in the UK although she's pretty sure its available here. Has anyone heard of it or know anything about it? I thought I could get trusty MN to help out!

heartinthecountry Tue 15-Feb-05 22:15:34

I have read about it Davros and trying to rack my brains where. If I come up with anything I'll let you know.

heartinthecountry Tue 15-Feb-05 22:23:31

Ah this is it - not anything scientific but this is a parents personal account which was posted on the website. It is probably quite old as they are not very good at updating the website. Hope it is of some help. Mentions a 'tank' in Walthamstow and she thinks in London.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

I can't remember when we first heard about Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.

Just over two years ago, we had the opportunity for Christopher to have ten sessions of HBO at a friend's private chamber in Holland. During the period of those sessions, Christopher, who at that time was nearly seven years old and who had been crawling for over two years, started to bottom shuffle, a movement he had never attempted previously. We were having a "holiday" from all other therapies for a few weeks so we were convinced the HBO therapy was the important factor. We had also been working on using a straw with Christopher for many years but with no success. Within a few weeks of finishing our ten sessions, one day through necessity, we tried to give him a drink with a cyclist's water bottle and he managed quite well. A few weeks later, we were in MacDonalds for a treat but I had forgotten to bring a drink for Christopher. He was looking longingly at my milk shake so I thought "well, I'll let him try" ( he is actually on a special milk free diet but I didn't think he would get anything) - to my amazement he drank half my shake. He was delighted! It has made drinking so much easier as he controls the flow completely. Once again, we are convinced it was the HBO.

Unfortunately over the next two years, it has never been possible to take Christopher to our friends chamber again. I had heard there was a chamber available in London but as my husband works in Holland during the week and the children and I are in London, I had no way of organising anything.

Earlier this year though, I found out that there was an HBO in Walthamstow (less than four miles from us) and a friend was willing to take us there and look after our then three year old (now 4) while I was in the chamber with Christopher. We were recommended to do twenty sessions as close together as possible.

Christopher didn't like it the first time the mask went on but soon settled down that session - the biggest problem was keeping his hands away from the tubes that carry the oxygen to his mask and the carbon dioxide away. In fact, I think the 90 minutes I spent each session in the chamber with him was as much hard work as much of his usual therapies, but I saw a little two year old with cerebal palsy sitting quite happily on his father's lap while he was reading the newspaper (even took a nap!). For all the following sessions Christopher crawled down the corridor to the chamber as soon as we entered the centre. He loves banging on the floor and hearing the echo! We saw lots of little changes in him over the twenty sessions, he was more alert, more social and seemed much stronger. He was able to imitate movements better, helping us get him out of his chair after meals. Many of his movements seemed smoother but the best was yet to come.

At the beginning of the term his teacher had been told by the school physiotherapist that although Christopher "walks" with assistance and has been getting as lot stronger, that unless he started to walk on his own over the next year he was not likely to be able walk independently. When I learned this I was down. Well, over the twenty sessions of HBO we managed to occasionally get Christopher to stand unaided for a few seconds and even take a stumbling step or two into our arms. However about two weeks after his sessions finished he first did two steps, then six and then on the 13th October he did thirteen steps! Not only that but he repeated this at school. It is always so wonderful when he transfers a skill learnt at home to school. I'd send in a video of him for them to see but it wasn't necessary and they were able to see the live action.

Sue Routledge

MandM Thu 17-Feb-05 09:35:32

I'm pretty sure that a little boy with CP that my mum used to teach was having HBO whilst he was in her class (in a tank obviously, not in the classroom! ) Anyway, she's on half term this week but I'll ask her to have a word with his mum about it when they go back on Monday. If I remember rightly he used to travel to Lancaster. I'll post again when I've fond out a bit more.

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