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7th Nerve Cranial Palsy

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survivour Tue 15-Feb-05 18:12:43

Hi everyone, just want to find out if anyone has this conditon, or knows anything about it????? My 30 month old son has it, as well as his heart condition. We have been told he needs to be taught makaton, that starts at the end of March. Thank you in advance....

FineFigureFio Wed 16-Feb-05 07:55:58

Its bell's palsy isnt it?

if you type makaton into google it comes up with there website and you can buy training videos and books. If you go on amazon there ius a video with Dave Benson Phillips in that does makaton nursery rhymmes and my kids LOVE IT! also 'something special' on cbeebies (bbc2) is a makaton program for pre-schoolers (and special schoolers, my dd is really into this atm, lol)

survivour Thu 17-Feb-05 00:30:28

Hi there, no it's not bells palsy, but very similar. Thanks for the advice, I will follow it up.

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