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Floortime - What will DS (nt) get out of it?

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SuperBunnyisUnderRated Sat 16-Aug-08 22:03:53

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Sun 17-Aug-08 12:06:08

Message withdrawn

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Sun 17-Aug-08 16:35:05

Floortime is great for all kids- it's a great way to play. Have a look at a link I put on my website for some videos.

As far as an NT child mixing with ASD kids. DS3 took part in my friend's son's therapy for over a year. First using VB then using RDI. RDI is quite similar to Floortime in many ways. DS3 loved it. He still asks to go (unfortunately friend has moved away). DS3 must have started when he was about 2ish and went more or less weekly until they moved away a few months ago he's now 3 and a half.

Ask how long the Floortime sessions will last. Do check they mean DIR Floortime. Done properly it should benefit your son.

SuperBunnyisUnderRated Sun 17-Aug-08 18:10:09

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SuperBunnyisUnderRated Sun 17-Aug-08 18:17:26

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Sun 17-Aug-08 18:32:09

Message withdrawn

TotalChaos Sun 17-Aug-08 18:38:30

for speech and communication though it can be useful (especially I imagine for high functioning kids), to be with NT children who are a bit further on socially etc, as a model for appropriate play/responses etc. whereas for physical problems, such as sensory issues and CP I wouldn't have thought that would apply.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Sun 17-Aug-08 18:40:34

Oh you have no worries. "Proper" DIR Floortime is very much based around OT so it will be the proper stuff. It sounds brilliant. I recently did an online Floortime course and the videos taken in Floortime gyms looked fantastic.

Now I'm wondering where you are as I would love ds1 to access something like that!

TBH DS3 didn't really notice that his playmate had ASD - despite having a severely autistic brother and the playmate being moderately autistic He also didn't notice that the therapist was there for my friend's child (she also did some work with our son). I think he thought she was there to play with him (she was very good).

SuperBunnyisUnderRated Sun 17-Aug-08 18:58:44

Message withdrawn

TotalChaos Sun 17-Aug-08 19:00:07

I would imagine that the therapists would encourage all the kids (including the NT ones) to get to the next stage for each individual child in extending play/communication/speech etc.

sarah293 Sun 17-Aug-08 19:02:13

Message withdrawn

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Sun 17-Aug-08 19:08:05

ooooh envy

I watched the Floortime OT sessions drooling

Now ds1 can imitate being round NT kids can be useful for him too. He copied some NT kids shooting basketball hoops last week at his (ASD) climbing sessions- the NT kids there were siblings. I was stunned (at the copying - all very new for him really).

sphil Sun 17-Aug-08 19:14:09

Ooh envyenvyenvy. I've just done the same course as Jimjams and we've also had a workshop from a DIR Floortime practitioner who works in the US most of the year and just spends the summers in the UK. Greenspan's 'functional emotional milestones' are for NT kids as well as kids with SN - it's just that NT children tend to progress through them without much extra help (just the normal parent/teacher/peer input) whereas children with SN need more structured and intense input to do so. I would be delighted if any NT child of mine was asked to join such a group, and even more delighted if an NT child could be persuaded to do Floortime with my DS2 (5, ASD). DS1 (7) isn't often very cooperative!

SuperBunnyisUnderRated Sun 17-Aug-08 19:30:17

Message withdrawn

sphil Sun 17-Aug-08 19:50:01

Greenspan has just written a book called 'Great Kids' which is about NT children - might give you more info?

SuperBunnyisUnderRated Sun 17-Aug-08 19:52:54

Message withdrawn

sphil Sun 17-Aug-08 22:03:33

USA is so ahead of UK in all this stuff.

TinySocks Mon 18-Aug-08 06:46:42

I want DS1 to go to this playgroup!!! I wish we could clone one here.
One of the biggest problems I have is getting NT children to interact with DS1 while they play. I haven't even managed to convince the creche to do 5 minutes of joint play!!!

I have a huge problem with DS1's social skills, he insists on grabbing children, he grits his teeth and touches their heads and faces, it is very strange. I am really tired of this behaviour because it is alienating the children the would otherwise be interested in playing with him. I cannot leave him to play, have too look after him liek a hawk.

I have Greespan's book. Sphil, how do I enrol in the course? I am very interested.

sphil Mon 18-Aug-08 19:46:39

The online course is only on once a year - it should be around next April I think. If you go to the Floortime website and register they'll send you a reminder when it's on. I'll do a link in a minute - or Jimjams has a link on her website.

I was talking to our Floortime woman this morning - she goes back to the US on Sunday until next summer - but we were discussing the possibility of setting up a Floortime conference here in the SW when she returns. I've no idea how one would set something like this up, but am going to think very carefully about it - and pick Jimjams' brains!

I wonder how many people would be prepared to travel to the West Country for something like this? It's not as if Floortime is very well known here.

sphil Mon 18-Aug-08 19:51:30

If you google floortime you get lots of good stuff too.

The Floortime Repository (thanks JJ) has some good videos of Floortime in action - and you can also find some on Youtube.

twocutedarlings Mon 18-Aug-08 20:27:40

DD2 (3 NT) attended a M/S nursery that has an Intergrated unit for children with SNs, she recently told me that she think the SN room is the naughty room as all the naughty children go in there sad i was horrified as you can imagine (dd1 has AS) i had a word with the school SENCO and DD2 will be taking part in something very similar to this from this September grin.

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