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Is it just me?

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Jimjams Tue 15-Feb-05 08:24:09

So dh's BIL complained when visiting (several times) that ds1 was scaring their 6 month old baby because he was too noisy (ds1 that is). And where did they take the 6 month old baby on Saturday? Only to the Ireland Scotland rugby match!

I know ds1 is noisy but he's not that noisy.......

Don't think BIL gets on with autism.

hoxtonchick Tue 15-Feb-05 08:26:09

he sounds like such a PITA jimjams

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Tue 15-Feb-05 08:39:35

No Jimjams it isn't! Agree Hoxtonchich PITA is such a perfect description!

JakB Tue 15-Feb-05 08:41:46

OMG!!! What's a PITA? Is that he of the laptop incident?

chonky Tue 15-Feb-05 08:46:57

PITA = pain in the ....

Yep - he sounds like one Jimjams.

coppertop Tue 15-Feb-05 09:04:00

Why would anyone want to take a 6mth-old baby to a rugby match???

Jimjams Tue 15-Feb-05 09:10:00

It is he JakB.

JakB Tue 15-Feb-05 09:37:51

Blimey. Definitely a PITA.

hercules Tue 15-Feb-05 09:46:56

what a tosser!

Davros Tue 15-Feb-05 09:49:45

Tell him to book a quiet hotel next time, w*nker!

oops Tue 15-Feb-05 09:57:09

Message withdrawn

FineFigureFio Tue 15-Feb-05 10:11:59

maybe its just our in-laws jimjams

beccaboo Tue 15-Feb-05 11:51:21

What a total idiot

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