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Disney Cars. Anybody elses dc obsessed with them?

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QueenBhannae Fri 15-Aug-08 01:26:56

My ds adores his diecast and plastic disney cars with eyes.
There are different body colours of the same models (dinaco blue mcqueen/bug mouth red mqueen/ dirty wheels mcqueen etc) and he spends long periods of time 'sorting' them into piles of the same model and then lining them up all the same direction bumper to bumper along edges of things, like rugs and kitchen worktops grin

Does anybody else have a cars fanatic?

MommyUpNorth Fri 15-Aug-08 09:11:55

Yes! Ds (NT as far as I know, 4) is mad about these cars. He has all the models that you mentioned, plus most of the other cars from the movie, and a pillow that he can't sleep without. We went back to school shopping and he doesn't have a uniform yet so picked out 4 different disney cars shirts so he doesn't have to wear anything else.

Right now he's being McQueen while wearing a full head to toe cars outfit! This started when he was about 3 and I thought it was just a passing fad, but he's now 4.5 and it's stronger than ever!

Prior to this it was Thomas! I suppose I'll just wait for the next thing... hmm

Widemouthfrog Fri 15-Aug-08 12:45:21

My DS (ASD) was cars obsessed for about a year. He has all the colour permutations of lightening mcqueen and had an obsession with taking photos of them. Amazingly it has passed, though he does still like lightening mcqueen. Prior to cars it was Thomas the Tank engine, and he would spend hours just wheeling Gordon or Thomas. He is now obsessed with spiderman with a scary intensity - he has full costume which he wants to wear every day and he is perfecting his spiderman poses. His obsessions have all been age appropriate (he is 5 now) but its the intensity that is unusual.

I have yet to meet any 3-4 year old that doesn't like Cars.

ALMummy Sat 16-Aug-08 12:46:48

My DS (ASD, 5) is mad about Cars, we have the movie both on DVD and Sky plus and he would watch it over and over all day if I let him. His younger sister (2) starts screaming and runs out the room when it comes on now she is that fed up with it.

He has every possible available die cast and plastic model and we search Amazon US daily for the ones that we can't see on Amazon UK, he also prints out pictures of them and has them all filed in a big folder. He seems to like the more obscure ones better like Chuki. She is the the pink news reporter who reports McQueens disappearance and is on for all of two seconds. It was Thomas before this, which I think is pretty much standard isn't it?

Hear that Cars 2 is coming out in 2012, hoping he has moved on by then or will be spending another small fortune on all the characters again no doubt.

QueenBhannae Sat 16-Aug-08 21:13:33

Ah yes, the collecting costs a fortune!
My ds likes them to be the same model so plays with ramone and mcqueen more as there are plenty of variables in those two.
Chuki is the little japanese car, isnt she? Very cute. Sometimes I think that I am worse than him as when I find a different one I always buy it!
Our Asda has a bakery made mcqueen car cake and ds gets in a flap about having to see it every time we are shopping. He does not want it and never makes a fuss for us to buy it but just likes to check that its there and then we can shop lol.

QueenBhannae Sat 16-Aug-08 21:15:55

Cars is the ONLY film he will watch in his room. He will not sit through the trailers and would watch it on repeat over and over (and sometimes has as he will be awake until 3am most nights atm and Im too exhausted to do anything else blush)

jammydodger Sun 17-Aug-08 22:22:58

I'm a bit of a saddo but I looked at the Cars website and apparently the next one is coming out in 2010 - so not too long to wait!!!?? (although ds1 (ASD) still prefers Thomas, actually)

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