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Proud parent boasting thread!

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Arabica Thu 14-Aug-08 00:00:41

Went to a different park today. In the playground, there was a rare DD-proof slide. (ie, no gaps for her to fall out of, first step not too high off the ground, railings to hold) On her first attempt, she was scared off by a boisterous three year-old. On the second, she decided to climb back down the stairs after bumping her head. But on the third, she slid down like a pro--and went on to do it time after time! So proud.

Mamazon Thu 14-Aug-08 00:06:30

woohoo! well done to her.

Its always the "little" things that make us most proud don't you find.

deeeja Thu 14-Aug-08 00:22:24

That is wonderful!
Cheered me up!

Seuss Thu 14-Aug-08 00:29:39


drowninginlaundry Thu 14-Aug-08 07:07:46

My turn!!

We have a 4 floors in this sodding house (big mistake...), Ds1 (4 1/2, ASD) sleeps on the top floor. He likes to sleep in. When he wakes up he won't get out of bed unless I go get him, he just won't - I've tried calling him from the floor below, calling him through the monitor, signing him that when he wakes up he should come downstairs, drawing him a picture sequence, nothing. This means that when I hear that he's awake and we are, normally, in the basement kitchen, I have to lug Ds2 (2) upstairs four flights of stairs, and get Ds1 out of bed, and hold his hand while I carry Ds2 downstairs, an accident waiting to happen.

Yesterday he came downstairs all by himself, with a huge smile on his face! I know it's a small thing, but for me it was an important step towards more independence, and showed that he does understand stuff even if he doesn't like to show it.... smile

drowninginlaundry Thu 14-Aug-08 07:09:09

and well done Arabica's DD!! smile

misscutandstick Thu 14-Aug-08 07:39:56

Ahh bless! such wonderful stories smile

Can I add?

We have wavy panel mirrors (ikea ones) running along the back of our bath instead of tiles, anyhoo scene set, DS5 (2.3) has always been interested in mirrors but never really understood them. BUT last night when DS5 was having a bath he was admiring the 'other little boy' as usual, when he noticed that the 'other little boy' had his mouth open... at this point usually DS5 usually tries to poke the other ones eyes, fingers, etc... however, DS5: watched intently as he put his finger IN HIS OWN MOUTH!!! conclusion: DS5 now knows that it is his own reflection!!! he still doesnt 'recognise' his own face but im sure eventually he will now he knows that its him. YAY!

Arabica Thu 14-Aug-08 07:40:37

Thanks grin Hope he does it again tomorrow!

mm22bys Thu 14-Aug-08 17:55:42

Yesterday was DS2's hearing test. I've taken him before, and have always had to hold him.l Yesterday he was able to sit in a chair on his own! Also I had to take DS1 too, and I had told him he needed to be REALLY quiet, he was a star and didn't talk even when the test was over (but kept on pointing to things). It wasn't until later I realised he thought he still needed to be quiet.

Today we were at SALT, and DS2 pushed a ball back (practising turn taking) more than once!

BriocheDoree Thu 14-Aug-08 17:57:47

Well done Arabica's coffeebean, and everyone elses' DSs.

MannyMoeAndJack Thu 14-Aug-08 18:57:02

Well done to everyone's my ds came halfway downstairs to give me his cuddly toy PEC - almost a first, certainly very rare!

silverfrog Thu 14-Aug-08 19:00:00

dd1 has been practising saying hello and goodbye for ages. Yesterday, she said "goodbye mummy" spontaneously when i told her I was going out shopping.

and today, when I warned her that ehr ABA tutor/nanny was arriving, she looked up when nanny came in and said "hello".

grin grin

Tclanger Thu 14-Aug-08 19:15:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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