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Question about visual timetable.

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meea Mon 14-Feb-05 13:13:06

First time I have sat down since Friday.
I am going to try to make a timetable for ds2 this afternoon should I use photo's taken with the digital camera or clip art.
I also wondered if I should make cards to help him make choices like what he wants to drink as he seems to find this difficult.
If you ask him he just says yes to every suggestion.

coppertop Mon 14-Feb-05 13:30:32

For the timetable I would go with whichever you find easier to do. In ds1's class the teacher uses a photo timetable to show the general stuff and then the symbols for the individual activities. At home we use the symbols.

I have no experience at all of using cards to ask for things so no advice there. All I know is that it sounds similar to things I've heard about the PECS system.

JaysMum Mon 14-Feb-05 16:26:09

we use visual time tables everyday....J has a little book i made for him...small laminated pictures of the things he wants to eat/play with etc....he uses them to prompt his words, as he tends to have speech difficulties with finding the right words to use. Munggle bungly was a bannana yesterday....can get the Munggle....Monkey/Jungle connection....but not the bungly!!!!!

Davros Mon 14-Feb-05 16:58:11

Don't make it too complicated! Decide whether you want to read from left to right or top to bottom. If you are showing several days at a time then colour code them so they can be differentiated. As for choices, that is basically what PECs is but it is constructed to prompt interaction as well as choosing. I'd keep this simple too, maybe a laminated sheet with 2 choice boxes at the top and a place at the bottom to place the choice.

meea Mon 14-Feb-05 17:17:44

Thanks for the advice .Still not got started ended up making an exploding rocket with ds1 while ds2 watched his sisters hairbraider spin round .
Off to get ready for dress rehersal you never no I may get time tomorrow.

mum4mnotts Mon 14-Feb-05 18:38:17

hi there ,vsual timetables are a fantastic idea they do give children very good structure and an idea of where they are in the world we have been using one for our daughter both at home and at school for 4 years now and it has done wonders for her.. ( hope you dont mind me just coming in like this?)Visual timetables can be just wisked up, and can be as simple as you like we just used one that had symbols that our daughter understood.
I hope it helps.

Christie Tue 15-Feb-05 16:38:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mum4mnotts Tue 15-Feb-05 19:09:43

Thank you so much christie, i never thought of it that way gosh something so simple I will bear that in mind from now on. I thought i was pretty clued up but after reading that that has given me more insight... THANKYOU...

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