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Considering buying a Leapster for nonliterate/nonnumerate 8 ASD year old - any experience?

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magso Sun 10-Aug-08 10:14:04

Ds has learning disabilities and ASD/ADHD. He likes the computor but needs 1:1 at all times on it, due to his (potentially destructive) try and see technique and very low frustration tolerance IYKWIM! He is at the very earliest stage of learning to read ie he is learning letters but phonics and decoding is too hard for him as yet. He knows a few sight words such as his name.
I was wondering if a hand held games consule would appeal and help. The ds lite looks too fragile and is costly. Leapsters are on special in a certain large toy shop! Has anyone else found a leapster helpful? How robust are they - can they survive the odd hurl? Do nonliterate kids become able to use independantly? Does it talk to the child ( the demo model was broken)and if so in an english accent? Does it make annoying noises?We use a letter board and magnetic letters - it is very hard work!!
Any advice?

misscutandstick Sun 10-Aug-08 11:34:42

i have seen 3y/o with them, so they are possibly robust (not sure how robust tho!) and i have seen the odd game for them. Im not sure how educational it would be - BUT im sure he'd love playing the games anyway, may even give him a bit of self confidence having the responsibility of a hand held to take out with him.

vjg13 Sun 10-Aug-08 12:53:59

My 10 year old with GDD has one and I have foung it good. She plays with it in short bursts especially when her 5 year old sister is using hers. Also handy for plane journeys and waiting rooms. The sound can be turned low if necessary. So far had it 8 months and it seems fairly robust, has been dropped onto wooden floors. It does talk and accent depends on the game. Games vary in age range and some are reviewed on Amazon. Just seen a new version at ELC that connects to your PC so you should get a good deal on the old style. It has some inbuilt games like colouring and is well rated for being educational.

magso Sun 10-Aug-08 16:44:01

Thanks, for your replies sorry I didn't reply sooner!. Local store had just one left (half price)so rushed out to buy it! Ds has not put it down since. In fact I bought some shoes for myself- with ds in tow! He just sat and played (this is a new experience for me you understand)!! We are going on holiday soon so if his facination continues I can see all sorts of possibilities (perhaps coffee or wine out with dh or even a family meal out)grin! Better not get carried away. Thanks again.

3andnomore Sun 10-Aug-08 16:55:27

Glad it is such a hit with your ds My boys also love their Leapsters and it can keep them quiet for many hours if necessary We have lots of different, that might help to keep the interest for them, iykwim.

magso Sun 10-Aug-08 18:29:10

What games should I look for, that would be fun for an 8 year old but fit in with his ( lower) reading/skill level. Any recommendations? Looks like I will need to order on line to get affordable ( perhaps older) games cartridges.

3andnomore Sun 10-Aug-08 21:26:35

My boys love their Spongebob, Incredibles, Spiderman and Scooby Doo Games a lot...they also love Dora, etc....but they are younger then your, Dora might be not his thing...or Thomas....!
There is also a Batman and a Sonic the hedgehog game....but not sure what those are like....

magso Sun 10-Aug-08 22:29:12

Thanks 3andnomore. Oddly ds loves Dora and adores scooby so perhaps I'll start with those and see how it goes. Its an expensive business by the look of things - but ds looked so like other boys - sat in the shoe shop quietly playing - I was close to tears - so its value is different IYSWIM! I think I could have tried half the shop on saftely!

3andnomore Sun 10-Aug-08 22:54:09

try E-bay for games, you can get good bargains

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