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seatbelt safety

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Nat1H Sun 10-Aug-08 08:17:19

My son (small 5 year old - more like 2-3 YO)is in a highbacked booster seat. He pulls the seatbelt from over his shoulder which then does not go back on its own, so I have to keep stopping the car and fastening him in again. I am worried that we are going to have a serious accident one day.
I need a 5 point harness that will attach to an ordinary child's booster seat.
Any Ideas? Or has anyone else had this problem and what did you do?

twocutedarlings Sun 10-Aug-08 08:47:23

Hi Nat,

How much does your DS weight? could he maybe go back in his old car seat? my DD like your DS is also tiny and has only recently moved up into a high backed one, and weight wise she could still be in her old one. Most stage 2 carseats are suitable upto 18kgs.

Or there is this type of car seat, which has an optional 5 point harness. Im not sure that you could just add a harness to you current one tbh. 8&m=A2LBKNDJ2KZUGQ&n=44453031&mcb=core

r3dh3d Sun 10-Aug-08 09:14:08

Definitely have this problem, or a similar one - DD1 leans sideways out of the seatbelt to get her arm out and then wears it as a lap belt. I know another SN kid who does exactly the same.

The solution depends on your car a bit. There is a 5-pt harness made by crelling harnesses which will go over the entire shebang, ie attaches behind the seat of the car itself and goes round both seat of the car and child seat. BUT it only fits your car if there is a way of passing the straps through between the base of the seat of the car and the back of the seat of the car. No good for us, because the two are fused to make it easier to put the back seat down for carrying furniture and stuff. Google Crelling anyway, they're very helpful on the phone.

What we have done is to gerry rig a very small additional strap; it does not restrain the child or bear any weight at all. It just holds the seatbelt in place on the shoulder. But I don't know if my heath robinson solution would solve your problem too. hmm

I got a pack of toy straps which have a loop at one end and a popper fastening at the other. I attached something solid to the loop end (in our case a plastic linky from a baby toy but whatever works) and passed the strap through the guiding slots on the unused side of the booster seat. So the solid object is behind the seat, holding the strap in position, and the strap dangles down by their shoulder. Fasten the seatbelt as usual and then popper the toy strap around it. It makes it impossible to pull the strap down, or very far out, and it stops you from leaning away from the seatbelt side. However, in case of accident, you can easily unpopper the strap and get the child out. I think it's fairly safe. It's definitely waaaay safer than driving along half out of your seatbelt.

Plan c) is to get a specific seat with a built-in 5 point harness. As 2CD says there are hybrid seats which are designed for you to take the 5 point harness off at some point and as he is small that might last you for a bit. There are specific SN seats with 5 point harnesses which go up to much larger sizes, BUT these SN seats are usually built for kids with mobility and support issues and as a result are heavy, bulky and cost around £500.

Jambuttie Sun 10-Aug-08 09:29:50

I bought a safety clip from jojomamabebe that prevents him from getting his arms out the seatbelt or over his head.

It only cost £4 too and when he 1st was strapped in he HATED it but soon gave up the fight of trying to escape

Nat1H Sun 10-Aug-08 10:50:37

Jambuttie -ny idea what this was called? I have looked on Jojomamanbebe's website, but can't find this!

twocutedarlings, I could use his old car seat which has a 5 point harness, but my son has Cp and can't get into the car himslef. The car seat we have (which goes up to age 11) has high sides on it, and I find it impossible to lift him over these!

Any more ideas, greatly appreciated.

eidsvold Sun 10-Aug-08 10:57:46

My dd1 is in a booster seat that goes from 14 - 26kg - she has just come out of the 5 point harness at 6yo. But she is an average 6yo.

It was a britax sort of one.

here is what my dd1 has now but it needs a place to attach a bolt to the car dashboard.

QueenBhannae Sun 10-Aug-08 11:32:00

My son does the same. He wears the shoulder strap as a lap belt.
I recently bought him a Britax eclipse which will hold your child in a five point harness until 25kg elite
I managed to get one from Halfords for £45 just a few weeks ago as they are selling them off (only instore not online)
I travelled 40 miles to get one and had to phone every halfords in the north west mind.

Beware of the ones that have the harness that an be removed as they are often nly suited for using with the harness until 18kg as per standard seats.

There is also a 2 way facing elite which is about £200 which is safer for travel.

Hope you find a solution, I know that it was driving me slowly mad having to stop the car and put the belt on properly every mile so sympathise.

Jambuttie Sun 10-Aug-08 17:23:46

I can't i'm afraid. Will have a wee look about later see if I can track it down for you

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