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hardworker Fri 08-Aug-08 21:10:31

Wondered if someone on here could give me some advice pls?
I have been a nanny for 20yrs, working with children mainly from birth to the age of 4 (atho some have been older). The post I am in at the moment is potentially for the next four or five years (when kids go off to school).I have been considering the possibility of my next position being with a special needs family. Thought about taking a sign language couse at night school and possibly volunteering one saturday a month (at a guess)with a family to get some experience. Is there anything else that would be helpful? I know 4 or 5yrs is a long way off, but, I am dedicated to my role as a child carer and want to make sure that whatever I do I give it everything i've got so want to have an understanding of whats involved before I commit and end up making a mess of it.
Any advice welcome.


2shoes Fri 08-Aug-08 21:24:19

this thread

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