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Buggy Board for a Major Buggy

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lottiejenkins Fri 08-Aug-08 20:11:26

Hi advice needed for my friend again... you were all really helpful with advice last time when her older boy was being unkind about the Major odd thing actually happened after that, i didnt know but the older boy has hip problems and he ended up having to use the MB and now thinks its really cool... funny old world isnt it........hmm anyway i digress... her sister(my best friend) saw a MB in town with a buggy board on the back.... do you have to have a special BB or can she buy an ordinary one please??

lottiejenkins Fri 08-Aug-08 21:09:19


lottiejenkins Sat 09-Aug-08 07:50:37

bump again............ please................................

lottiejenkins Sat 09-Aug-08 07:52:50

bump again............ please................................

deepbreath Sat 09-Aug-08 09:32:49

Hi, I'd say a Major Buggy was probably safer to tow a buggy board than a baby buggy because they are so sturdy and designed to take extra weight. The tubular frame is square rather than round as most buggies are though, so most things that clip on won't fit. Maybe someone had adapted that one that your friend saw?

I haven't seen a particular type of board that would fit yet, but I'm interested to see if there is one because my ds often gets weary legs on the way home from school. If dd is feeling OK, she takes pity on him, gets out and lets him sit down for a minute!

Sorry I haven't been much help, but I'll let you know if I come across a suitable buggy board anywhere smile

deepbreath Sat 09-Aug-08 09:42:45

Hang on, I just found this and went to measure dd's Major. It might fit, it says it will fit on square tubing up to 2.2cm and on dd's Major it is 2cm. I haven't checked all of the other dimensions though. Worth a try!

Look at this page

PheasantPlucker Sat 09-Aug-08 11:33:15

I contacted the people who make the boards, and they said the 'new generation' ones (ie the later models) would all be fine.

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