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Statement of Education problems (posted on special educational needs also x)

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clarisa Fri 08-Aug-08 13:12:22

After the LEA refusing to even assess my son, and with the help of another mumsnetter (drafting a letter to mp), and a long wait, my son has finally been identified as needing a statement. What an exhausting battle....... one that is to continue. My DS (10 in aug) has asd,tourettes,sensory intergration and dyspraxia. He has been out of mainstream education since Jan 08, (I have posted about this previously, please take a look to get more idea of the hideous situation) and due to the fire in my belly, had got him a place for 5 hours per week in a special school until the statement process had been finalised. Whilst attending this school he has been happy about going (not threatening running away, stabbing himself ,being bullied by parents/staff/peers etc etc, which is what was happening at mainstream). I have had the proposed statement through, of which I had to name a school, obviously I have named the special school that he attended for the 5 hours per week. I have received a letter today advising me this placement has been refused. The 'panel' have decided DS can be educated at a Mainstream school as he is academically more able than the peer group at the special school. If only they knew my son, he cannot cope in busy environments, and this is when serious behaviours arise. He had been excluded 3 times in his last primary (of which he is still on role), due to his behaviours and there complete lack of understanding and knowledge of his disabilities. He is due to go to secondary next year............. of which there is no way he would be able to cope, and that is not just my view. So at the moment, september is on its way, and still my son has no education placement to go to. The school that he is still on role with at last meeting advised a caseworker that they would not want him to go back there, also this is my view, I wouldnt send him back there. LEA have advised me to finalise statement with primary school he is on role with if I want to go tribunal, or find him a suitable 'Mainstream'......... he cannot cope in a large classroom i cannot find a suitable mainstream. Obviously I am going to have to go to tribunal, which I have been advised by LEA dates are already being scheduled for December. What is wrong with this education system, there needs to be more suitable schools for children with disabilites, its appauling that a parent has to fight for an education. Is there anybody out there going through the same, or been through the same with a story to tell. I need some advice, I am totally exhausted, with 3 other children also(one under school age), and having to continuosly battle the LEA

vjg13 Sat 09-Aug-08 14:24:47

We are currently in a battle with our LEA to change the school in which my daughter is placed. We have been very lucky to get some specialised help with changes in her statment which should mean a tribunal will be forced to rule in our favour. Please try and get your son's statement checked by an organisation like IPSEA before it is finalised. It is very important that parts 2 and 3 contain all the necessary info to get the school you want in part 4. It can be a case of altering it so only the school you want will fit. It will probably be necessary for you to get independent reports which you can then force the LEA to include in parts 2 and 3, this is expensive. We have been actively doing all this for the last 18 months and it is exhausting. We have been advised to visit any schools the LEA would try to force on you and have good reasons ready why they are not suitable. Even better something in writing as why they would not want him. Hope this helps you a little. My DD is also 10 and we really want her secondary provision to be right so are giving it our best shot no matter what.

twocutedarlings Sat 09-Aug-08 16:14:43

Bonkerz has been through pretty much the same battle (and some more) that you have.

I know what she did was to email lots of school in there area a list of her sons needs and asked the schools to let her know if they would be able to meet his need. Of corse the common reply was that they couldnt therefore proving that her DS needs could not be met in mainstream.

Have you thought about looking at independant schools in your area, im sure that if you start trying to name an independant school that can meet his needs, then the LEA will start and hopefully see thing differantly.

moondog Sat 09-Aug-08 16:22:22

Deep sympathies Clarisa. It is hellish I know, both from personal experience and professional (am a SALT and am well aware that most people are fucked over royally.)

Keep on fighting. They often give in if you show your teeth. IPSEA good, also SEN SOS.

clarisa Sat 09-Aug-08 21:12:06

many thanks to you all. Will keep on fighting and definately contact ipsea and email schools around the area asking if they could meet my ds's needs. Is there light at the end of the tunnel I ask myself!!

bonkerz Sat 09-Aug-08 21:58:32

Sorry about caps then!

My DS has a DX of ODD and is being assessed for ASD which looks like a likely DX for DS. We have been fighting since 2006 to get DS a statement. First LEA refused to assess claiming DS was too intelligent to need a statement. He was excluded from one primary and eventually in Sept 2007 we got the go ahead for assessment when DS started a second primary. In DEC 2007 DS was excluded from the second primary and moved to a PRU unit where he is still attending. In Feb 2008 DS got awarded a 32.5 hour statement with an enhanced package and since then we have been looking for a school for DS. As his parents we feel he needs specialist help and a special school (seeing as 2 MS have now kicked him out!) The LEA on the other hand remain with the view he can have his needs met in MS and are also quoting "appropriate peer group and curriculum" as reason for this! Since April 2008 LEA have been looking for this amazing MS school that will take on DS but have come up with nothing so i emailed 115 MS school in my county to see if they coupld meet all DSs needs. I have had 53 replies all saying NO and some even telling me DS should be in a specialist school and to not LEA force MS on us!
We have SENDIST appeal date on 16th Spet and are currently compiling our list of arguments. LEA saying DS does not have ASD therefore cannot access units, also saying peer group not suitable in special schools because DS is G&T and also stating it is not financially viable to place DS in Special school!
DS had the ADOS test last week and we are hoping to have the findings of that by late August, am almost certain it will state DS has severe autistic traits which will mean one of the LEA arguments is blown apart. Obviously if a MS is available for DS then LEA should have found it by now but they havent! Also i have been sending DS to a playscheme over the summer which is in a special school and run by specially trained staff and DS has been mixing with children who have DX form all over the spectrum and reports back say DS not only fits in well he also is alot calmer and happier and confident in the environment which i hope will prove to the LEA that a special school will do wonders for DS.
I maintain that my DS needs to be around children who have similar conditions and problems as himself so he can gain an identity and realise he is not alone and how he behaves is 'normal' for him and i firmly believe with that type of environment he will learn to overcome his difficulties.
Its been a long hard slog for me and my family and its heart breaking to watch my DS go through so much so i do understand where you are coming from. Be prepared for an even bigger battle BUT it will be worth it. I dont expect to win in September and i know i will be fighting for ever for my DS but if we dont do this who will.
Im sending you strength and love and if i can help in any way let me know.
What area are you in? Just wondering if we are battling the same LEA!!!!

Nat1H Sun 10-Aug-08 23:18:40

Contact 'scope response'. (you should be able to track them down via the scope website) They worded a document for me, stating where the LEA had contravened the DDA. I am sure it helped me no end!
It's worth a try - and good luck - you just have to keep fighting I'm afraid.

clarisa Tue 12-Aug-08 13:32:54

bonkerz, I am so grateful that you have responded...... it kinda helps knowing I am not the only one (not wishing it on anybody though, you know what I mean?). Reading your reply has put a tear in my eye, but also made me feel stronger x I too send you strength and love, and wish you all the luck for the dreaded appeal xx Please keep in touch, and let me know the outcome x I am in Somerset.....reckon all LEA's must be the same!! One thing you could help me with, can you give me an idea of the email you sent out to schools around the area???, I have made a draft, think its ok?? but would be great to have an opinion from someone who has 'been there, done that'. If you would like to email me please do...
many thanks clarisa x

clarisa Tue 12-Aug-08 13:36:44

Nat1H ,
many thanks, will contact 'scope reponse' and see if they can help me . hugs back x

bonkerz Tue 12-Aug-08 22:27:21

HI, Have emailed you with the letter i sent, if you need any help let me know!

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