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MAMAX4 (& Dino, Staryeyed)

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Davros Thu 07-Aug-08 23:27:46

Mamax4 I have rectified my account to accept CATs but now find that my subscription has expired, despite NO reminders from MN..... I am willing to pay, do they WANT any money??? So need to sort that out too. You could try emailing me at which is an address I used for support group purposes. Have you arrived in London yet or found your probable location? I may venture to Somerford Grove this weekend if Dino or Staryeyed are reading..... Can fill you in on that and other ASD activities and schemes when you are ready.

Mamax4 Sat 09-Aug-08 21:12:19

Just saw this. Thanks, Davros, for thinking of me. I found out last week that dh's cursed employer would not pay for 2.5yo ds' nursery- if you remember, I had this (heh, brilliant) plan to put him into Christopher Place, on company penny. So I am stumped right now as to what to do. We are still in Italy. I could put him into a regular nursery and hire private SALT, PT, etc, to come in, but I will go broke. On the other hand, I feel that I can't wait for the statement and waste these precious months. I am on anti-anxiety meds as of today. (And, btw, all MN wanted from me was 5 quid for one year's worth of CATs. The membership itself is completely free...)

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