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Another holiday meltdown - AAAARRGGHHH

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Widemouthfrog Thu 07-Aug-08 10:59:58

I'm in a state of shock at the intensity of the latest meltdown. I have completely failed to cope and both me and DS1 (ASD) have sat and cried together (in between him hitting and punching me). Little brother doesn't understand and is wandering around bewildered. I don't know who to call and where to turn to admit that we are not coping. I feel so alone, yet I realise I am just another mum to a child with ASD trying to deal with the summer holiday.

I just needed to write something down. Thanks for listening.

captainmummy Thu 07-Aug-08 15:03:32

Hi Widemouthedfrog - I have no advise but I didn't want you to feel that no-one is listening. Hope you are feeling a bit better?

cyberseraphim Thu 07-Aug-08 15:05:59

Snap - was just about to bump too as although I don't have the experience to advise, lots of others do

kodathekat Thu 07-Aug-08 17:36:16


Have been in precisely the same situation more times than I care to remember. You are coping, chuck. Big hugs. You are human being, not a robot specially designed to defuse every OTT autistic moment. My Ds slapped me recently and then screamed for an hour because I burst into tears and shouted at him. He really hurt me and it was an instinctive 'lose temper' moment on my part.

For what it's worth, what sometimes works for us is a chill-out CD (actually it came free in a magazine years ago) playing in the background. But trust me, it doesn't always have any effect!

Hope you feeling a bit better. Lol xx

Widemouthfrog Thu 07-Aug-08 19:24:02

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the words of support. It has been a difficult day all day. We,ve been here before, and we will be there again, but this morning I just snapped. He fell and hurt his arm yesterday and we spent the evening in A and E (he quite enjoyed this as he saw the ambulances). His arm is much better now -no broken bones it seems. Its so hard to judge when he has really injured himself as last time he grazed his knee he wouldn't walk for 2 days! The screaming this morning was the final straw. I'm not a robot, though DS1 would love it if I was as his new obsession is Wall E. All is settling down now - little DS2 in bed, DS1 now wrapped like a cocoon in a blanket repeatedly telling me he has not had a good day. He hates school but ironically he is desperately missing the structure that it gives him. He gets one to one TA support at school. If only I could give him that at home.

Sorry to ramble - I'm exhausted but strangely calm now. Deep breath for tomorrow!

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