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Do you ever have those moments when you suddenly realise that your DC isn't "normal"...?

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BriocheDoree Wed 06-Aug-08 19:19:25

This isn't a negative post, just an odd experience today. Bumped into DD's SALT in the supermarket with her three kids. Youngest is DD's age. They were all chattering away normally, and walking round with their mum without having to be put in the trolley so they wouldn't run off, and when it came to pay they were helping load / unload the trolley rather than climbing over the barriers, running up and down in front of the doors and jumping off the benches. And yet DD is so much better than she used to be! It's only when you see NT kids that you suddenly realise that maybe your's is a bit more like hard work sometimes. I'm not complaining, just made me think!

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