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My back has finally gone twang and I can't pick up dd.

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Hangingbellyofbabylon Wed 06-Aug-08 15:51:37

I have always had a weak lower back and have known for a while now that it was on the edge. dd is 2.5 and has CP, she can crawl but I still do a lot of carrying,especially up and down stairs, getting her in and out of the car seat is awful, and also in and out of supermarket trollies.

On Monday night I stupidly did a bit of painting as we're decorating the play room, then yesterday I was at tesco and when I lifted her out of the trolley my back just went totally. I could barely drive home and dh had to come home from work as I couldn't even get down to the kitchen cupboads to get something for the dd's to eat.

I've seen someone today who spent ages working on my back but there's one particular muscle in the sacral area that is stuck in spasm and won't give up. I am doped up on painkillers and wearing an ibuprofen heat pad. Meanwhile dd doesn't get it and looks up at me and says 'please pick me up mummy, I can't crawl'(finds it hard to crawl when she's tired) so I end up doing it.sad

She's only 2 but isn't going to be able to walk or get herself in and out cars, up and down stairs etc for years and I can't see my back getting any stronger. How do you cope with the physical demands of having a child with SN? dh and I were starting to think about having another child but having been in this much pain over the last two days I just can't contemplate the stresses and strains of another pregnancy.

sarah293 Wed 06-Aug-08 20:06:09

Message withdrawn

HairyMaclary Wed 06-Aug-08 20:57:20

Oh I sympathise! I have also had a weak lower back and my DS with CP sounds fairly similar in movement, he's 3.5 now and uses crawling as his main way of getting around but still asks to be picked up etc. He can now go up and down the stairs by himself, again though he still wants carrying when tired, and can't get in or out of his car seat.
I have given up grocery shopping as I found it too hard to get him and DS2 (14 months) into a trolly, DS1 is so stiff that it only makes it harder. I now get it delivered.
I go to a chiropractor when we can afford it (not for a while now though) but I did go nearly weekly thorough out my pregnancy with DS2.
I find the worst bit is now that he is toilet trained when he asks for a wee it means lugging him upstairs usually at speed! he's too big for a potty and wants to use a toilet like everyone else, I'm caught between accepting this as a good independence 'thing' and trying to persuade him to use any old pot downstairs!
No real advice here sorry, just waffle and lots of relaxing vibes!

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