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Question for heartinthecountry please...

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chonky Fri 11-Feb-05 16:09:34

Hi, just seen your comments about your dd's childminder on the other thread.

Our dd goes to a wonderful childminder (godsend, godsend) for one afternoon a week, and I was really interested to hear that your childminder gets help from the local authority. Do you know how she applied for this please?

I'm very conscious that down the line our childminder may need more help with providing facilities for dd if the arrangement is going to continue (I hope so as they seem to have a mutual adoration of each other !), and I was just wondering what she may be entitled to. Thanks

heartinthecountry Fri 11-Feb-05 16:29:41

Hi chonky! Unfortunately when I said 'support from the Local Authority' I was really meaning more moral support and advice rather than anything financial or practical. If only that were the case .

You are totally right - its fine when they are little as not too different from looking after an NT child but I do wonder how long dd will be able to stay with her childminder as her needs become more demanding/specialist.

chonky Fri 11-Feb-05 17:34:34

Damn - I was picturing our CM's house being transformed into sensory room heaven

I'll see if I can track down our local CIS team, as a bit of moral support for her would be good. She is an absolute star and I dread the day that it's no longer practical for her to care of dd. I'm not too sure who will be most upset, her, dd, dh or me! I console myself with the fact that by then dd should qualify for a SN nursery place.

Thanks anyway

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