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dyslexia where do i go

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Catwalk Fri 11-Feb-05 12:57:15

I have suspected that ds1 is dyslexic from about the age of six.I told the school and they said he was lazy.Year 3 I expressed my concerns again when they started complaining about his work and behavior and they said they would get someone to look at him.The special needs/teacher told me they think he could be borderline and they were going to start him on the buzz/fuzz program while they wait for testing.I reminded her two months later and she said she hadn't forgotton they were still waiting.On parents night last October they told me they had screened him and didn't think he needed a test he just had a poor memory.This parent evening last week they announce to me that he has a reading age of 7 and an understanding of storys of a 6 year old.I asked them had they actually tested him at all for dyslexia and they said that it is something they will look into.He is 9 in June just how long has this got to go on for.What shall I do next.I feel if I go and talk to the S.E.N.C.O again she will fob me off for another year and

MrsFROSTgetful Tue 22-Feb-05 21:51:25


ks Tue 22-Feb-05 22:13:40

Message withdrawn

ks Tue 22-Feb-05 22:17:11

Message withdrawn

Davros Tue 22-Feb-05 22:19:18

Bloody disgrace! You may need to see someone outside school as they seem useless. Maybe see your GP first about referral to Developmental Paediatrician or Child Development Centre. You shouldn't really have to ask for this though, the school should shift their ar*es!

ks Tue 22-Feb-05 22:29:31

Message withdrawn

HelleBelle Tue 22-Feb-05 22:35:56

Have had a similar problem, ds1, now aged 9 has a reading age about 10months below his actual age. He is now at middle school and they are fairly switched on but say he is not bad enough to be statemented. First school did nothing just said he was slow, being my first child I didn't know what was 'normal', feel really bad, have let him down. Trying to make up for lost time now, paying for v. expensive sen tutor etc. KS perhaps you can tell me how far behind they need to be to get an IEP? He has been in various 'booster' groups for numeracy and literacy but nothing individual.

ks Tue 22-Feb-05 23:23:51

Message withdrawn

JaysMum Wed 23-Feb-05 04:36:08

You can ask your GP to refer you to the outpatients eye clinic and ask to see the Reading Specialist.
They will assess for reading difficulties associated with Dyslexia and if necessary they will offer you a trial period with colour overlays.
The overalys dont take the problem away but they help filter out certain lights and make the words less fuzzy.
My son has a reading age of 4 yrs and 6 months....he is 9 in two weeks time!!!He uses colour overlays and they help him to see the words more clearly.
It was only last year that whilst reading him a story that he asked me why the words all moved on the page!!!!
When he looks at words the letters start to seperate and distort....took us a while to get this explanation from him as he has a lang. disorder.
Nothing was done in school to help him....I do know though that Fuzz Buzz is consider from the "ark" and such computer programmes as Word Shark are more frequently used now.

Just as a matter of interest, have you seen The Phelp's Judgement.....19 year old girl sued her LEA for not recoginising and treating her dyslexia....she got thousands in compo.....I'm sure if you mention this to the school they will feel obliged to fullfil their duty of care and get your son assessed ASAP.

Good Luck.

shortcake Wed 23-Feb-05 07:43:00

My daughter is dyslexic and now attends a special school. WE had her tested by a private ed psych from a very reputable company when she was about 6. It served two purposes - firstly it prompted the LEA to take it seriously and get her statmented and secondly we went back for a second test when she was 9 and that helped us prove at tribunal that she was not achieving as much as she should at the school she was attedning - as a result we won the tribunal against the LEA and she now attends a private dyslexic school at the LEAs expense - and is doing reallly well!

The test cost a lot of money about £300-400 I seem to remember but I am so glad we had it done when we did.

charliebab Wed 02-Mar-05 20:42:22

Catwalk both my husband and I have been down the same frustrating road with our 8 year old daughter. The school SENCO teached fobed us off for the last couple of years saying she was just immature with reading and had a poor memory. In November 2004 we got her assessed privately through the British Dyslexic Unit at the cost of £300. They confirmed she was dyslexic. This was a relief for us as we had battled with the school to get her assessed for the last couple of years. We removed our daughter from her school due to the high degreee of negativity even when presented with the result of the assessment. She is now happy in another school with a dyslexic unit and educated dyslexic staff. So my advice for you is please get your child assessed to confirm your suspicions.

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