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Children's Walking Frames

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MandM Fri 11-Feb-05 09:45:59

Does anyone know of a supplier of children's walking frames? - the sort of mini zimmer frame style for want of a better description, with two wheels at the front. DD currently has two, one at home that was given to us by a friend of a friend and one in nursery provided by the Physio after a 9 month wait! Both of these are the same model by DMA (Days Medical Aids) but they have now discontinued this range and our local disability equipment does not know of any alternatives. The only one I have been able to find on the internet is 4 times the price of what the DMA model previously cost, and although I can't put a value on the importance of seeing my dd walk independently, at the same time I don't like the idea of our situation being exploited IYKWIM.
Anyway, we desperately need a third walker as dd spends five afternoons a week, 12-5, at a childminders and is still having to commando crawl there to get around.
Hope someone can help

heartinthecountry Fri 11-Feb-05 12:52:00

MandM - you could contact Fledglings and see if they can help. They source equipment and toys etc for kids with SN. think their website is

chatee Fri 11-Feb-05 13:03:41

my dd is 4.5 and has a k walker, she is currently at school but i know there is a label with the manufactures details on, will get the details later if that is any good for you?

ps:what you managed to find a childminder for a 'disabled' child??.........that's like gold dust.......

heartinthecountry Fri 11-Feb-05 14:23:17

chatee - don't know if it will be the case where you live but my borough now has a dedicated person at the Children's Information Service who helps families with disabled/SN children find childminders. I found our childminder through them and she is excellent. She also gets extra help and support from the local authority because she has my dd.

Might be worth giving your CIS a call and seeing if they can help.

mulsey Fri 11-Feb-05 15:28:36

Have you looked at the quest website they sell rollators, the above link should send you straight there.

mulsey Fri 11-Feb-05 15:29:29

heres the link, you will need to cut and paste it yourself

MandM Mon 14-Feb-05 10:38:14

HitC and Mulsey - thank you for those links. I have contacted both to find out about products, pricing delivery etc.
Chatee - if you could get the details of your k walker I would be very grateful.

As for my dd's childminder - she is an absolute superstar! We found her completely by coincidence when our 1st childminder (supposedly a family friend) suddenly gave notice on our contract, 4 weeks before dd's 1st birthday, just as it was becoming fully apparent that things weren't going quite to 'plan' with dd! We were in a real mess as we both work full time, but just by pure look a friend of ours had a dd at a childminder who had had a vacancy come up that same day - definitely fate!
Dd will have been there for 3 years in April and loves every minute of it. She was full time until last September when she went to nursery and now goes 5 afternoons a week plus fulltime during school holidays.
There has never been any question from the childminder that she would not be able to accommodate Dd's needs. As far as she is concerned she is who she is, she's one of her little 'gang' and she makes sure that they all paticipate in the same things evenif they need a little extra help or to find their own way of doing so. I think this has really helped Dd with her confidence (which she is definitely not short of!) and meant that she went off to nursery with no worries, for her or us, about her 'fitting in'.
It's half term round here this week, so I dropped her there this morning and she didn't even have time to say 'bye bye' or notice me going - she was too busy trying to decide what to do first, make a valentine's card or start decorating heart shaped biscuits! (Five kids armed with glitter, glue and icing - the woman's a saint!!!!!)

chatee Mon 14-Feb-05 11:36:28

sorry mandm totally forgot about this,
here are the details from my dd's k walker....Quest 88 ltd
aston street, shifnal,shrops tel:01952463050,

my dd is now in reception class at school and the school are brill.We had major problems to start with with the pre-school(they had never had a child with s/n before) and also finding a c/minder.My dd is also very confident and chatty and all the children in her class have known her since she was 2.6months and accept her for who she is.....yes i know there could be problems in the future as kids can be cruelbut we will cross that bridge when we come to it......

don't know if that info is any good for you m andm but good luck in your search.

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