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Going back through the anger stage...............!!

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lourobert Mon 04-Aug-08 08:44:45

I took ds to school this morning as I usually do but as I was walking in I saw two of the boys that started nursery at the same time as DS, they were chattering away about what they were going to do today and running around whilst I was struggling to carry my ds into through the door without dropping his bag..........made me so sad

Having a tugh time of late, I seem to be going through the anger stage again, thought all that was behind me and that I had moved on.....I just can't help but think about how tough life is going to be

....not looking for answers really but just thought it might help to say it out loud

sarah293 Mon 04-Aug-08 09:22:04

Message withdrawn

bigcar Mon 04-Aug-08 11:13:04

I do this, usually when we have to think about the future for dd3, I'm hoping more people will come along and say it's totally normal!

amber32002 Mon 04-Aug-08 11:16:22

It's totally normal. You'd have to be a robot not to go through the stages of grief in coming to terms with something so unexpected in life and that meets with not enough help and support. And everyone's grief is different. That much I've learned over the years.

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